Bespoke Umbrellas for Seasonless Style by AmbarEla!

The rains have hit Mumbai this year harder than ever, and seem to exhibit no signs of slowing down. Truly, some of Mumbai’s best moments come to fore during the rains- the lush greens, the slick roads, the hot bhajiyas and cups of tea with songs wafting in the background. Truly, monsoon is the season of romance..except when you have to get out of home. The thought of stepping out into the rains brings to mind stuffy rainsuits, inconvenient umbrellas and boring rainy shoes, as you jump over puddles and try to not get caught in the rain.

   You can’t avoid stepping out in the rains, but what if we told you, that you could step out and stay dry, looking as fashionable as you did before? What if protecting yourself from the rain wasn’t do dreadfully dull, but added to the romantic charm of the monsoons? Presenting to you, whimsical, couture umbrellas by AmbarEla! Hand-crafted in the heart of Mumbai, AmbarEla creates intricately designed umbrellas that are not just protective, but are also as stylish as they come!

   Think artistic umbrellas with lush ruffles, gorgeous textures, pop colours, fun prints, lovely bows, elegant motifs and much more! Flaunt your newest accessory during a rainy evening out or for a sunny brunch date. In various colours that will only add to your outfit, why say nay when something as indispensable as an umbrella has the tendency to add that ooze of panache to your look? Are you also wondering what the unique name means? Ambar means sky and Ela means earth- are both elements of nature. The vast skies and the Earth are brought together in a union by another element - the glorious rain, and it is this sublime union, that AmbarEla celebrates!

   With its heart in handcraft, AmbarEla creates umbrellas made with love that will be your companion all year round- whether it is raining hard or the sun is shining high! Go on then, get covered, with love and beauty, with AmbarEla!


Call: 096196 44428


Author Credit: Apeksha Shetty

Picture Credit: Ambarela

Tags: Ambarela

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