Bibliophiles, Feed Your Soul with The Big Book Box!

It was a usual Monday morning wherein I was procrastinating when the worm holes of the internet led me to The Big Book Box. Now as I chanced upon this, I had 6 other news articles opened up on the side and my kindle (also on) on my lap. To say that I was distracted is a slight understatement. At first glance, I didn’t think much of it and I quickly went back to reading the downfall of the political climate all over the world. It was a while before my mind backtracked and caught up. Wait, why did that page with all the books say ‘Subscribe’? And why were there such pretty pictures on it? 

I quickly trace my way back to the website. As I give it all my attention, I can’t believe my eyes. No. This is a dream. But it’s a new year so why does it feel like Christmas? Surely, it’s a hoax. I had heard of such wondrous things in the western world and had avidly prayed for something similar to pop up in the country I live in. 

Here. I will alleviate the curiosity. This is the what I’m talking about. 

The Big Book Box, it is!

Conceptualized by a bookworm and travel enthusiast, TBBB (can I call it that?) was born out of a love of reading. Realizing and experiencing that books are indeed the best books possible, they solidified the idea of a subscription book box. Subscription book boxes have taken off in the western countries but have yet to come to India, and so, instead of waiting, Surabhi and Desh decided to take on the reins themselves. 

Surabhi - the bookworm - handles the curation and creation while Desh - the globetrotter - manages the technical side of things.

How it works?

Perfect for the person who loves to read (whether that be you or a loved one) each box comes with an assortment of goodies curated specially to appeal and encourage your hobby/lifestyle of reading. These items can be a variety of different things, from book themed mugs to candles with scents like Dumbledore’s Library or Elizabeth Benent’s Courtyard to collectibles, bookmarks, customized notebooks, etc. 

Based on how much reading you get done per month, there are four different plans. 

1.    The Frappe Box : Curated towards economical and busy readers like the students. Comes with 1-2 paperback and 4-5 book-y goodies. Price : 999/-
2.    The Espresso
Box : Like the coffee, it’s for people who are slightly more serious about their reading. Comes with a paperback and a hardcover and 6-7 book-y goodies. Price : 1599/-
3.    The Cappuccino
Box : For the hardcover lover. This box comes with 3 books (2 hardcovers + 1 paperback) and 6-8 book-y goodies. There are a limited number of Cappucino boxes per month
4.    The Mocha
Box : For the voracious readers. This beautiful wonder comes with 3 hardcovers and 10 book-y goodies. You can customize these boxes and choose the books you want which makes them perfect boxes for gifts. Please note that there are limited number of Mocha boxes per month. 

Monthly, quarterly and half yearly plans available for all the boxes except the Frappe one (which only has a monthly plan). Shipping is free within India. You can buy your subscription here. Boxes are shipped out in the first week of every month. Orders for gift boxes are accepted throughout the month. 

Launching early this year (January 3) and with about a 100 takers already for their first box, it looks like a steady and long way up for these entrepreneurial minds. If you’ve already subscribed, then I gotta tell you, I had a little peak into the february box and it looks like you’re not making any plans with people for a while.

I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for TBBB and in case you are intrigued as well then waste no time for booking your choice of book box, right away!


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Author Credit: Aditi Bhatt

Picture Credit: The Big Book Box

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