B.Merwan: Of the Iranian flavors and Timelessness!

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In the narrow lanes of Grant Road East, few steps away from the railway station is a little Irani Joint called B.Merwan, started by and named after Boman Merwan. The cute hundred and two year old humble joint has retained the old world charm with the menu, prices and feel- all frozen in time a century ago.

Set up in one cavernous hall with marble table-tops from Italy and chairs from Czechoslovakia, the cafe has an electric mix of consumers like businessmen, students, policemen, daily-wage workers storming in and out every other minute. The counter is loaded with pyramids of plum cakes, mawa cakes, khari biscuits with a background filled with large plastic jars containing cookies, toffees, rolls and whatnots! The mawa cakes, here, are so popular that on the weekends you can hardly find a trace of one after 9 in the morning! 

As you’ll make your way into this bustling and bleak cafe, a sweet smell will direct you towards your seat. If not the menu on the wall, the mirror panels on the pillars will help you decide on your order with random reflections of delicacies moving swiftly from counters to tables.
The classic brun maska and Irani chai make for a good start. The cardamom-rich, thick milky tea declares its Irani flavour with just the first sip! The fluffy and cushiony soft brun maska with a generous amount of butter in it complements the tea. If you’re looking for something interesting go for mawa puff which is crisp khari-like on the outside and filled with mildly sweet mawa inside. They also serve omelette pao, kheema poa, custard pudding and falooda! Isn’t it amazing how this modest place serves homelike food at rock-bottom prices even today?

Actually, go find out for yourself, and you are sure to thank us later!

Timings: 7 AM- 6 PM

Author and Picture Credit: Moulika Danak

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