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Shiro- Worli has ensured that the rains don’t dampen your love for food. They are now hosting a Dim sum Festival on till 31st August 2017. There couldn’t be a better way to feel cozy while it pours outside. These dainty parcels of dough filled with delectable fillings will certainly lift your spirits.

Shiro is a captivating place, with Buddhist statues, and Oriental paintings and serves Pan-Asian food. Their Dim sum festival prides in serving almost 40 varieties of it in different styles, using an array of ingredients. It’s clear that mustering these requires effort, and planning much in advance. 

From rolling the dough to getting the right filling, we were impressed. The menu has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. However, we were more inclined to their non-vegetarian offerings. The Dim sums are available in sharing baskets, with choices of four, six, and nine variants. The festival is designed to appease different taste buds keeping in mind the onset of rains. These steamy tiny packets are melt in the mouth and burst with flavours as soon as you take a bite.

We started by ordering the basic Har gau which has prawns marinated and steamed in a translucent wrapper, with each bite of the Har gau, we were looking forward to trying more of Shiro’s delightful Dim sums. We next tried the Phoenix eye Dumpling, as recommended. This is a classic prawn dumpling mixed with chillies and fish sauce. The cover was a light green colour and the dumpling was sealed with an Edamame bean on top. Gorging on some more sea food we next ordered for the Prawn in Bell pepper Dim sum. These had prawns stuffed in Bell peppers pan smeared, steamed and topped with a house special sauce. Their vegetarian option of the Five Spiced Vegetable Dumpling didn’t disappoint either. The corn kernels and the crunchy chestnuts taste well with a hint of Five spice. However, if you aren’t a fan of spices with a strong aroma you can give this a miss. 

Delightfully Shiro isn’t just offering lip-smacking Dim sums, their Dim sum menu also offers interesting cocktails. Their Peach and Thai Red Chilli cocktail is an interesting blend of Peach peels muddled with Thai Red Chillies sweetened with a syrup and strained into a Martini glass without stems. They also have the Rose In Bloom Martini which is a version of the Whiskey Eggnog. All these cocktails are served on solid fuming Carbon Dioxide and are a visual treat.

All that said if you want to go on a date, or have a cocktail party this season Shiro’s Dim sum menu should be your fix.

 Where: Shiro- Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025
When: Till 31st August
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Author and Picture Credit: Amrita Ganguly

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