Carry these Bags that Tell New Stories for New Occasions!

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Bags are the vitamins of fashion and no lady can stop herself from having that one more bag, right? To let you get some more "vitamins", The Bag tales which is a contemporary online shopping accessory label that offers a variety of customized products like handbags, clutches, purses, sling bags, etc in awe-inspiring styles and designs. 

Started by two passion driven girls, every bag that they create and design has a story behind it and therefore the name is The Bag Tales.  Keeping in mind the charisma of the urban women of today, their collections are inspired by different fabrics, cultures, stories, seasons, regions, trends and are weaved using umpteen fabrics and patterns.

Their collection includes slings, purses, bags, tote, clutches, that can be carried with style during various occasions. Their bags are tailored crafted by workers across India and are made up of materials like Velvet, Ikkat, Wood, Acrylic, Hand work etc, They are also available in different size, shape, color, and designs. These bags are made in hand embroidery, machine embroidery, lace, semi-precious stones, embellishments, hand paint and mirror work amongst others.

So pretty girls, rush and grab these ethereal bags!

Contact :  9867052795
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Author Credit : Meha Goswami Mandavia
Credit : The Bag Tales


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