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India is a country, where you can find innumerable culture and tradition and each community or place have their individual sense of style which is highly unique from one another, governed by age old motifs, palette and cloth material. We, the easy going, fun-loving, bold and carefree generation who loves their individual freedom also want our sense of style to speak volumes about our personality. A lot depends on the clothes we wear and the colour and designs we adorn.

The Yellow Gypsy is a contemporary-Indian clothing line started in Jaipur by Smriti Godika and Surbhi Rajput, who want to keep the age old crafts of our country alive. The cloth line is highly inspired by the majestic crafts and vibrant colours of Rajasthan. The Yellow Gypsy gives the fashion world a whole new flare by bringing a bohemian spirit reflected distinctly in their designs. Adorning attire from the label, immediately adds an oomph factor to the personality. Choose from their wide range of designs on jackets, dresses, capes, shirts and skirts which are oh so chic and classic. They keep organizing workshops in Mumbai and are regular with their showcases and exhibitions in the city!

The Yellow Gypsy is for the free-spirited girl who cannot be ruled, it is for the woman who writes her own tale and cannot be grounded. The Yellow gypsy, the second skin to the powerful, smart and strong women, who love to love, wander, make mistakes and who also choose to learn from the same. Bring the boho-chic sense of style to your wardrobe today, contact the Yellow Gypsy via their Facebook or Instagram page. You can also place orders directly by calling them. So what are you waiting for? Go be a gypsy, girl!

Phone Number: 8696722379

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Picture Courtesy: Surbhi Rajput

Author Credit: Wrisha Mukherjee

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