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Attributes: Furniture, Decor, Cupboard, Kids, Sofa & Stool, Storage, Tables, Others, Upholstery & Carpets, Ceiling Hangings, Clocks, Cushion & Throws, Decor Pieces, Others, Indoor Plants, Collectibles/Aretfacts

When you want to get every single thing required to dress up your home, then the one stop shop is Clove The Store. The store deals in, table wear, blankets, cushions, rugs, bed bath, breakable things, bookends, shelves, and cozy chairs. 

Clove, is a concept store designed by customizing Foreign and Indian Culture together. It is one of the home decor stores that lured me in with the simplicity aroused around. The connecting lightings throughout the store would make you go “Wow”, to the basic flooring. The forte of the store lies in its wide product range that consists right from candles, healthy eatable, variety of tea powders, bedding to play-toy. From pretty floor vases to dainty wall mosaics, you will literally get everything under one roof. The products are such that the beauty and elegance of a house will be enhanced.

Not only home décor, this store is also known for clothing, handcrafted foot wears, bags, & accessories, that can easily elevate the look of a staid and boring occasion into a jazzy one.

They also offer several types of indoor furniture pieces that are sure to satisfy anyone’s style. From their polylumber dining sets to their play-toys every piece is handcrafted and built for ultimate quality. The accessory collection, especially the Channel earning pieces are too beautiful to resist.

And I discovered that the looking wasn’t making me feel good. It was creating a need. So just a few minutes of frittering away, I went and picked up a master piece of sunglass. It felt just right over my face. Perfect for a sunny evening. 

So,out for furniture shopping and still looking for a good place to invest your money? Check out the collection at Clove, which offers some of the most stylish pieces of furniture in town. The best thing about the store is that you will find the pieces extremely interesting. The wooden cutlery culture in the store will remind you that old, is indeed beautiful!

To compliment their customer service there are plenty of options to find something that suites your need!

Address - 2, Churchill Chambers, Allana Road (Touch Of Joy Lane), Colaba, Mumbai - 400001
Contact - 8291312522 /022-22021470

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Author and Picture Credit: Taha Shah

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