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We found our dessert paradise at this 360-degree space that houses some of the city’s oldest eateries. Dairy Don at King’s circle Matunga may not catch your attention at first, but once you step in we promise you will be spoiled for choices. Their range of ice creams, shakes and Kulfis will blow your mind. From the variety that this quaint place has to offer we ran out of options to choose from. Dairy Don takes pride in making 100% natural ice creams. The brand is identified with serving superior quality products at affordable prices, and we decided to check it out ourselves.

Located right opposite the King’s Circle, Dairy Don wasn’t hard to locate. From our first glimpse of the place, it looked quite ordinary. Once we stepped inside and explored its menu we knew this was a gem of a place for any dessert lover. From ice cream sandwiches, thick shakes, to Kulfi’s this place has it covered. If this sounds too standard for you, you will be pleasantly surprised at some of the things that were introduced recently. We began our quest with the Calcutta style Paan Ice cream called the Maharaja Paan ice cream. Illusively disguised as a well-done paan, this has Paan flavoured ice cream stuffed inside the beetle leaves and is served chilled. Why have an ordinary Paan after a meal when you can have a paan ice cream instead? We next moved onto the Gulab Jamun kulfi. This exemplary Kulfi is stuffed with Gulab Jamun. This we thought was the perfect union of two most beloved Indian dessert staples. By now we were super excited to try the next ice cream the Peru chilli and this was a revelation. Priced at Rupees 70 this was a guava ice cream cut into bite sized pieces sprinkled with chilli flakes on top.

While we were thoroughly impressed by these innovative ice creams, Dairy Don offers more. If you are feeling like sticking to the classics you will fall in love with their popular Surat-style coco milk in over 10 variants. Take for example the Cool Coco drink. This is a cool milk based drink mixed and churned with cocoa for a more thick consistency. This drink is made fresh daily. Then they have something called the Gotala which is two different flavours of ice cream mixed with nuts and syrup making this a bowl of mixed ice cream bliss. Then there is the Cassata which is bound rekindle your childhood memories.

To top it all up, Dairy Don at Matunga is open till midnight and so your late night dessert pangs needn’t wait to be satisfied. Moreover, even if you are almost broke your relationship with desserts will not cease as the prices are pocket-friendly. 

Where: Dairy Don- 2, Kalyan Bhavan, Kings Circle, Matunga East, Near Dena Bank, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019

Author Credit: Amrita Ganguly 

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