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If you a Mumbaikar, the first place that comes to your mind is Town for Marines or Shopping at Hill Road. As Saturday arrives, you head south and all those vendors and those shiny ornaments at Colaba Causeway catch your eye and your shopping session begins.

After shopping for hours, your stomach growls and you start looking around for food. You remember your office colleague talking about a café that is decades old and you start looking for it. Tucked between a chappal shop and a laundry center, you finally find the place - Café Churchill. That’s what it reads. A relatively small hidden café that you would unintentionally miss if not specifically looking for. You enter inside and immediately take a small step back, may be not physically but mentally. The place is small, a little old with vintage wallpaper and with 6 -7 tables, surprisingly all of them were occupied. In those 5 minutes you wait outside, you start rethinking your decision and recall all the things your colleague described and praised the café for. You correctly remember her saying that this place was once the to-go place decades or may be a decade place when South Bombay was the only place to be. The café really used to have hours of waiting and yet people were ready to endure it because of it’s authenticity and complete feel. 

You decide to try it for her sake and finally enter again to find a spot empty. All was good and since you were only 3 and you found a table for four. You find a table near to the cashier and the first thing you notice is the poster saying – No cards accepted, Only cash. You mentally groan due to the fact that demonetization in the country has literally without any option left you cashless. You consult with your friends whether will you all be actually able to pay for the minimum approximate lunch bill. After a lot of mental calculations and speculations, you realize you can manage it through. You mutually settle on Pasta, A Lasagne and A Chicken Sandwich.  Having never tried Lasagne before, you were quite anticipating it to be something really great. And turns out, it really was. And then you understand as to why people appreciate the place. The Pasta turns out be amazing, as well. So cheesy and perfectly blended with herbs and asparagus. Literally, mouth-melting. The grilled chicken sandwich turns out to be huge. You are quite taken aback with the quantity of all the food served. It seems okay when the food arrives but as and when you begin digging in, you realize it is a lot. 

For beef lovers, they have quite a variety of beef dishes, also many of variations in sea food. And now you are sure that all of them must be tasting good. You finally catch on the flavour of the restaurant and realize that this is actually legendary. In desserts, the Blueberry Cheesecake is quite tempting and Chocolate Gooey Cake is worth trying.

All in all, even though you don’t try their signature dishes or you don’t go out of your league to try something different, even though you stick to same old pasta and sandwich, you understand that this place may not be that spoken about now, but it definitely awakens that part of your brain where you start wondering about the way changes have taken place in tastes and choices of the people.

People today definitely opt for newly opened lounge and bar, but think twice before choosing some age old small café. Even though, the Western Mumbai and the Central Suburbs are now catching up and are now developed with innumerable places to hang-out, dine, lounges, and have now developed a buzzing night-life making them to-go places but something still clicks better with these legendary quaint places. 

Author and Picture Credit: Riya Fulwani

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