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A way to anyone’s heart has to be through the stomach, and it’s this hungry belly that led us to El Toro- Catina & Tapas Bar in Bandra. Away from the bustling Bandra streets, it’s located snuggly opposite a bylane near Lilavati Hospital. While most places around this area serve continental, Pan-Asian or North Indian food El Toro serves “Tapas”, which is Spanish for appetizers. However, El Toro offers regular continental dishes as well.

El Toro feels peaceful and cozy. With plenty of natural light beaming through the glass windows, the interiors feel cheerful. The walls are white and simple. There is a bar that is quaint and lively. Another fascinating thing we noticed was the racks of freshly grown micro greens keep outside. So you know your dishes will be served fresh, with extra crunch.

Getting down to the business of food El Toro’s cocktail menu has some fine offerings. If you like experimenting with your drinks, get your hands on the Wasabi creme. It’s a blend of gin, mint, and honey infused with Wasabi ice-cream. But if your drinking is limited to socializing, try their more classic options of a wine cooler, or a gin and tonic. Drinking on an empty stomach is a sin, and we were full of beans to try their appetizers menu too. We started by ordering their sea-food Tapas the Atún. This consisted of Tuna roundels with a Soya ginger dressing. If you aren’t a fish lover this may not be your thing. We craved for a little more and ordered for the Prawn Cocktail (all time favorite) and Potato & Egg Galette. Prawn cocktail was the quintessential version of prawns mixed with Marie Rose sauce sprinkled with paprika served on a bed of lettuce. The latter was a boiled egg, covered with spiced mashed potatoes coated with bread crumbs and deep fried. This was served along with the home grown micro greens. A boiled egg couldn’t have a better cover.  There are some winsome vegetarian options as well. We tried the Empanadas made with corn, Manchego Cheese, and Jalapeno wrapped in a savory crust pastry and was deep-fried too. This we thought was akin to cocktail samosas only with a different shape.

Greedy for more food, we lay our hands upon the main course menu. First up was the Gallina Pontevedra. When literally translated means Chicken from Pontevedra ( a port in Spain). The dish consisted of a marinated chicken leg slow roasted, served on a bed of smashed green peas with vegetables sautéed in butter. Perhaps this is what makes for a perfect siesta. On a more traditional footing, we ordered for the Fish N Chips. This had fish steaks thickly coated with beer batter and served with fries. 

You might feel the pocket pinch when you see the servings of the Tapas, but the servings of the main course dishes can be shared among two people. Moreover, the tastes and the fresh ingredients leave you feeling happy. If you don’t plan to visit Spain soon, at least satisfy your taste buds with some Spanish eats.

Where : 7/8, lane, Opposite Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, ONGC Colony, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Contact : 022 2640 0277

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Author Credit: Amrita Ganguly

Picture Credit: Amrita Ganguly | El Toro

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