Do You Know Now You can Relish Chimney Cones in Mumbai!

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With waffles, churros, cookies taking all over the place, we have a new guest into the city and that is chimney cones. Chimney cones are usually seen in other countries but have slowly started to get here too, thanks to The Budapest bakehouse.

The Budapest bakehouse masters in making chimney cones and they are not just the sweet ones but the savory ones too. Yes, it's not just for the sweet tooth, but for people who like to have savory more also. You all must be thinking what's the difference between a normal cone and a chimney cone? Well, the normal cones you see like the pizza cones they are very thick and hard. But the chimney cones are made very soft and strong in a way that the pudding does not come out.

The Budapest bakehouse was at the Pop-up hut for a month and then become permanent at Khar with an outlet of their own giving people major cravings with their vast flavors of sweet and savory cones.

One thing I love about their sweet cones is their flavors, they have some regular flavors and some new flavors which you have never tried before and the way they have presented it wins the heart. Here are some of my recommendations at the Budapest bakehouse:

The Dark Night Sweet Cone

With their every flavor, they keep on changing their cone also. The dark night flavor has a soft cone with Oreo crushed all over it. Stuffed with brownie cake, ice cream on top and brownie pieces all over it. This dark night cone is their highest selling cone. The best part is that even when the ice cream starts to melt, the cone is still strong and does not get soggy.

Tiramisu Sweet cone

Coffee lovers, this is gonna be your favorite one. The cone is made out of vanilla with coffee cake stuffed inside it and topped with vanilla ice cream and coffee all over it. I found this better than the dark night one as I'm someone who loves less sweet compared to others. The cone again here was so yummy that it won't even get any softer. The size of their cone is just perfect as it become too filling for even 1 person to eat.

Oriental Chicken Savory Cone

Yes, I choose a chicken one over a veg because of obvious reasons. Now when it comes to savory cones they have even options in the crust that you want for your cone. They have a herby cheese crust and a cheesy crust. The Herby cheese crust has light cheese and will let you enjoy your stuffing more without cheese. Whereas the cheesy crust goes with some spicy stuffing. With the Oriental Chicken, I took the cheesy crust and it was so yummy that I ate all by myself. The size of the savory cones is slightly bigger than the sweet ones.

Spicy Italian Savory Cone

This one tastes a bit like your pizza flavors with lots of chicken in it. Went for the Herby cheese crust with this. A bit spicy on the part but a definite try from their menu. They even have vegetarian options but with chicken, they do taste better.

Head there soon, then?

Address- Shop 1, Pinky Plaza, Road 5, Besides Khar Social,Khar, Mumbai
Contact- 9004658226

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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