Do You Know this Vile Parle Cafe Serves Nutella Lasagne?

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When we come across cafes, what do we usually think? Some coffee, pizzas, burgers and the same old café food all over again. Thanks to some rare cafes such as The Friends Bench Café in Vile Parle that experiment with the old food and recreate some new items you won’t forget eating.

This place located near the Vile Parle station has a small seating inside but has a very attractive and quirky décor that will catch your attention. Along with their décor, their aim is to make you comfortable at their café and that’s why they have all your favorite stuff in their café. They have guitar for you to play for your friends as you enjoy the food there. They have made the ambiance very friendly and comfortable for you to enjoy along with some soft music also.

Apart from their beautiful interior, their food is also on point and you’ll realize as I tell you more about it. Here are some of the items we tried from their menu which are our top recommendations from this place:

Pizza Cupcakes:


How many times has it been that you were fighting with others for that bite from a chocolate cup cake? Now if you can fight for a chocolate cup cake, how do you think people will react for pizza cupcakes? These small bundles of crispy, cheese pizza topping is worth every fight. Not just one, but we get 6 in a plate. Well cooked, the pizza crust is in a shape of the cup cake and the stuffing is based with marinara sauce, veggies like tomatoes, capsicum, topped with mozzarella cheese and jalapenos. With every bite of this cup cake, you take away the taste of each slice along with the full spices and veggies.


Pesto Pizza

Since this a veg café, they expect a lot of jain customers as well and that’s why all their food is made jain friendly and if required they make it in normal veg way as well. For the pesto pizza, they apply pesto sauce as the base of the pizza and do not include garlic as to make it jain friendly. I loved how they chose perfect ingredients that will go along with the pesto sauce. After the base sauce, the pizza was covered with mozzarella cheese and veggies such as green capsicum, onions, garlic and coriander. After the stuffing, the pizza was topped with cheese and pesto sauce.


Spaghetti Aglio Olio

I never knew that having a spaghetti could be healthy also. They impressed me by making it in the traditional way with garlic and olive oil as their main ingredients. Usually when we eat a bowl of spaghetti, its either with tomato or cream sauce but this time it was with neither and still made us finish the plate clean. The spaghetti is tossed with just a spoon of olive oil, garlic and some herbs to give you the perfect taste and yet feel light.


Nutella Lasagne

Just as you think lasagnas taste great with chicken or mozzarella, there comes yet another dessert to prove you wrong. Best thing about this lasagna is that it’s not too sweet as it looks. Made with the lasagna sheets, covered with Nutella all over and topped with white and Belgian chocolate chips. This dessert is so good that no matter if you visit here for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will always want to end your meal with this only.

Next time you are around Vile Parle for a quick meet of office or roaming around with your beau, make sure to drop by at this promising place for Nutella Lasagne and Pizza Cupcakes, okay?

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath  

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