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There’s a new dessert specialist in Mumbai that’s contemporizing Indian sweets like never before. So celebrate the festive season even after it’s long gone by treating your sweet tooth with some surprises from Bistapurfi. Bistapurfi stands by an ideology that you don’t really need a special occasion to enjoy an extraordinary sweet, especially if it comes in a tiny, powerful (and very good looking) package.

Their desserts range from dainty ladoos to Coconut Rabdi and Gulab Jamoon . Their combinations are inventive, to say the least. The fact that Bistapurfi’s traditional sweets are complemented by contemporary flavours just adds to the thrill of trying something different while sticking to your favorite good old “Mithai”!

For instance, the Blueberry Malai Barfi is a must try. The Malai barfi has been delicately coated with a luscious layer of white chocolate that melts in your mouth to reveal the rich slab of Mali under it. The dash of blueberry jam jolts your taste buds and allows you to savour the treat even more!

Bistapurfi offers a section called the ‘Entremets’ which encompasses a range of compact, alluring Moussecakes with the perfect matte finish (totally insta worthy!).  It almost feels like a crime to dig into it and break its perfect exterior.  Their Rose barfi with Chia seeds moussecake is the epitome of molecular gastronomy. This is a variation of the classic falooda with its mix of Vanilla mousse, Gulkhand and rose barfi.

Bistapurfi’s truffle assortment is one of a kind! Whether your inclination is towards paan flavours or dry fruits, these truffles tickle your taste buds with their creative pairing. The Honey and Basundi truffle is any dessert lover’s dream come true. With its indulgent center comprising of basundi and honey which is enveloped by a sinful Belgian dark chocolate shell, you’d take a trip straight to dessert heaven with one mouthful!

These bite-size truffles, out of the entire range, are possibly the best thing Bistapurfi has to offer. And they also happen to be pretty easy on the pocket! These fusion desserts are revolutionary in their taste and appeal and something that you absolutely cannot miss! So if you’ve been craving for something to perk up your day, just give Bistapurfi a call and get happiness delivered to your doorstep!
Contact: +918369491592 (Delivery Only!)
Instagram: @Bistapurfi


Author Credit: Varsha Rao

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