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While every other day there’s a new upcoming café coming up with same types of food, there are places that want to break the chain and start something new. If you are bored of the regular café food, then you need to Uncafe it. No! I’m not randomly making up new words but this new café in Sion decided to go opposite the café style food and add somethings for your entertainment. 

Along with their unique menu, they make sure that you enjoy your time spent there, so they have board games for you, jenga and all those games that will make you nostalgic about your childhood.

Talking about the quality, quantity of food and drinks I had there: their whole menu is vegetarian only with non-alcoholic drinks. The ambiance of the place is very chilled and has good vibes all around. Does not have a huge space, but big enough to occupy a group of 5 people. They have board games for your entertainment and the staff is very friendly. 

The good thing about this place is that food arrives right on time and is hot as well. With their serving time, the temperature of the food well maintained, they do not compromise on the quantity of the food they serve you on your plate. It's usually rare where you can find all points to be perfect and you won’t feel a penny being wasted because everything you eat here is totally worth the money you spend.  

Here are some of the classic drinks I tried:

Mango Mojito, Watermelon mojito, lemon mojito are the classic drinks and obviously don’t need any description of themselves. The quantity was great as they served the chilled drinks in huge bottles. 

Now coming to the stomach filling food, we had here:

French-Fry Nachos:

Now as an appetizer, we all go for the usual fries, be it cheesy, peri peri or ordinary fries, because nothing else beats the fries, right? And like always I was going for the regular fries when I thought to discover their menu and found the perfect starter for the meal. The french-fry nachos is a combination of your regular cheesy fries, with cheesy veggies loaded nachos. Woah! It’s like all your favorite type of starters in just one dish. And mind you, they call it an appetizer but it’s much more filling that that. While we first looked at the dish, we thought its quite light and we ordered a lot of food, as we were eating we realized it’s a lot heavier than what it looks. With all the extra cheese, fries, nachos and veggies, it becomes very heavy. This perfect appetizer comes just for Rs-260/-

Pizza Fondue

Usually, I come across fondue-like cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, but I didn’t know that pizzas would get complex issues from Fondue one day and they would turn themselves into fondue one day too. Enough with the horrible joke, but pizza fondue? Seriously? What an unusual way to enjoy your pizzas always hot. The fondue was a cheese based gravy with pizzas seasonings and all of your pizza toppings grinded to give you the complete taste of pizza along with small pieces of bread cubes. The bread cubes didn’t match upto the pizza base but at least made you feel like having pizzas in a different style. Now they have pizza fondue for the number of people you are. For two people, a regular size would suffice. For more than 2-3 people you need to take the large one. For the quantity and the quality of the food, the money spent is totally worth it. The regular fondue comes for Rs-400/- and the large one comes for Rs-500/-.

Sicilian pizza

After having a pizza fondue who goes for a pizza? Yes, a person like me does that. Actually, I just can’t leave any place without having the pizza out there. But with their quantity of food, you get filled before having pizza. For people like me having a huge appetite, this pizza is a must have in the end. Now, this is a new type of pizza I have heard and tried. For the price, they offer a huge 12inch pizza. The Sicilian pizza is the specialty of this place. The base of the pizza is the regular tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese, tossed with chilli oil, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and bell peppers. Quite cheesy and not a thin crust at all. It was a medium crust pizza with medium spicy level and that too all spicy level is because of the bell peppers. This entire pizza comes for Rs-515/-

Now with the board games, the good vibes all around, the pretty interior and most imp value for money food, you know where to go for these unusual dishes. 

So, quickly plan your school reunion, squad meetups to make them much memorable here at Uncafe.


Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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