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Tying your shoe lace at 6 in the morning, praying subconsciously to catch the 6.28 local when you rush out of your home half hungry and half sleepy only to encounter traffic in your route due to construction, you must have doubted the good of this era. And if you have then just mute it while you take a ride in time machine.

So, when you enter the heritage building of Kyani & Co, your vision gets tinted by sepia and you are shifted to the world that existed a long time ago! The two-storeyed old-school building looks like an Old Irani uncle who has wrinkled with age but still holds the charm from his younger days. Three steps inside the cafe and you have already stopped the clock! The rustic old chairs settled in symmetry at an equal distance from each other are centered with round and square glass-topped tables with the menus inserted in them. As you settle down on one of those wooden chairs at a huge distance from ceiling thinking which man of importance from the old British days might have sat on the same spot many years ago, an upfront waiter dressed in red vest will bring you back from your 1947-land with a strict and succinct interrogation on your order. Well, he will be the only grey element in your sepia frame!

This quintessential Parsi cafe is all about the traditional Parsi food and best of the cakes and puddings. The owner happily recommends mutton sandwich, cheese scrambled eggs and Saili Marghi as some of their specialties! With over hundred dishes listed on their menu, this place serves a wholesome meal within 200 bucks for two. 

In case, you are overwhelmed and cannot decide on the choice, let us help you. You can just call the man in red vest with ‘Kyani & Co.’ embossed on it and ask him to bring you Chicken Cheese Bhurji and Fish Fingers. And of course, a custard pudding with mawa cake for the dessert. And to draw the curtains on your affair with this delectable food, if you dwindle between grape-crush and mint tea, go for the latter one which is indeed their specialty. And while you sip that aromatic and refreshing Irani chai, look above at the wall of the upper floor (that is strictly reserved for families) and amongst the many frames, you’ll come across a sketch of Aflatoon Shokri (who took over the restaurant in 1957). Gaze at it as long as you can, for it was sketched by M.F.Hussain- one of the regular personalities who visited the cafe during those times!

With movies like Fan and Rustomji, recently shot here, one can say that even Bollywood can’t resist the charm of this hundred and twelve years old restaurant!

Go get your taste-bud quenched with mesmerizing Iranian flavours at Kyani & Co!

Time: 7 AM to 8:45 PM on weekdays and 7 AM to 6:30 PM on Sundays.

Author and Picture Credit: Moulika Danak

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