Enchanting Contemporary, Ethnic Decor at this Bandra Store!

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Every home has a look & feel and can be enhanced with eclectically sourced home décor products. But where would you get those contemporary yet ethnic home décor items in Mumbai? Your search ends at Peacock Life store located at Turner Road, Bandra.

A blue painted building named Bandra 190 has been attracting visitors for quite a while & I discovered the reason why when I visited Peacock Life Store. As the name suggests, you’ll discover a varied colors of life that will help you décor your home as beautifully as the peacock.

The store sprawled across the three floors displays a wide range of ethnic & modern home décor products. You’ll simply love browsing these items. Each room located on either side of the stairway has a lot of artwork, wooden animal figurines & collectibles to keep you fascinated.

The products are eclectically spread across all rooms. The cemented floors and the raw ceiling with wooden staircase grab your attention as the interiors are purposely left unfinished. You wouldn’t find thematic décor here. The items are left scattered in order to unravel an ethnic mystery of vintage décor of India.

Each floor has left and right side as if representing different sides of the same coin. The first floor painted in cream white with bit glossy finish exemplifies rich vintage collection of Peacock Life. Light sun rays streaming through the thin white curtains illuminate each corner of the room. Beautiful wooden sofa with floral designed cushions enhances the simplicity of it. Bright colored planters, tea kettles painted in faint blue color, different shapes of overhead lights & mirrors, candle holders, terrarium, wall hooks and such other items occupies each inch of the floor.

If it wasn’t enough, the other side of the first floor depicted a different story. A set of 3 wooden stools had a matte finish in bold colors like blue & yellow reflected richness of the store. Animal figurines starting from Rs. 1800/- are a great buy if you would like to showcase it in your living room. The set of clay toys elegantly occupies the corner whereas table lamps, vintage car; creative storage boxes take the space.

Every space at Peacock Life is occupied by some or other collectible ensuring that you wouldn’t give a miss to it. I was done with the first floor and it fascinated me more about the second floor. Again, the staircase of the second floor greeted me with its various knick-knacks.

The second floor was meticulously painted in royal blue & had a gray tinge. I loved the idea of keeping simple plain interiors and contrasting with old & new, plain & bold and ethnic & modern home décor items. It actually balances out your attention while you’re exploring the items kept for display.

The décor items like colored oars (Cost Rs. 2,058/-), handpicked cutlery, ceiling lights, wooden cupboard, coffee mugs, wooden trays, chairs & much more vividly signifies the beauty of Peacock Life.

Even the side wall of the staircase (near the lift) is donned with colorful saree balls. On the other hand, the wall has various press cuttings pasted on it proudly boasts of its uniqueness.

The third floor’s side wall displays Bombay dabba art. The room on the third floor is colored in brick red that contrasts with other two floors concluding its unique style factor. The first thing that grabs your attention on the third floor is the cylinder turned chair painted in a bright yellow color (cost Rs. 58,500/-). The floor has a lot of wooden stools, sofas showcasing Jaipuri design, grand-sized candle holders and metal lanterns.

Once you finish taking a tour of entire three floors, you might want to relax by admiring the beauty of the terrace which brings a fresh breath of air. The terrace is covered with white canopy with a bunch of bulb-shaped overhead lights and the fresh plants make it a perfect respite spot after a lot of décor discovery at Peacock Life.

Peacock Life stocks lot of ethnic items representing the colorful side of India. Each room leads you to the discovery of enriched home décor. The store certainly showcases a varied range of products helping you design your home the way you want.

For contemporary yet ethnic home décor, head to Peacock Life!

Author and Picture Credit: Sheetal Mhaske

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