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My love for Gourmet and European pizzas is what took me to this lavish Pizzeria-Pi bar and Kitchen. Following their trend in  their Khar outlet and trusting the quality of food served there, I tried this place and to my surprise the place has got even better with more options in pizzas, appetizers and newly introduced risottos and pasta.

The place has definitely got way bigger than the previous outlet. Let's talk about the food I loved there:

1)Baked mushroom with pesto mozzarella
Cannot miss out on their signature appetizer. This has always been my favorite here and it just gets better everytime. Mushroom lovers, this was what love tastes like

2)Stagioni Pizza
The most heavenly pizza, and a pizza I could eat till eternity. As a pork lover, this pizza has everything I love. Moreover the Pepperoni, ham in this pizza tastes so fresh because the restaurant gets it imported. They have maintained the quality of best pepperoni pizzas all the time. Along with pepperoni and ham, the pizza even has olives and mushrooms with totally compliment the taste.

For the Mushroom lovers, nothing beats this pizza. Mushrooms, olives topped with parmesan cheese all over. Nothing left to make this combination more heavenly.

4)Carbonara risotto
By now I was literally full to try anything else. But by reading the ingredients here you would also want to push your limits. Risotto rice cooked in fresh cream sauce with ham, bacon and a hint of garlic flavor in it.

Some signature dishes never to miss no matter how bloated you feel. The tiramisu here is to die for. The soft creamy texture with coffee taste in it what I a perfect tiramisu tastes like and this place has nailed it. Highly recommend you'll to end your meal with this.

The place has raised bars for a gourmet pizzeria nailing the European style pizzas. I love how they have come up with risottos and pastas. A fine dine place that makes sure food is at the best comfort level to you.
It’s a big deal when a core Pizza place does risottos and pastas and it's even better when they nail it.

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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