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Are you a true blue chocolate lover? Then it’s time to add DesiKlub to your ‘must visit restaurants’ list, they serve everything you need in one Thali and transport you to choco-heaven. The hottest item on their menu, Chocolate Thali will put all your chocolate love to test! 

This restaurant at Nariman Point serves a huge thali with 8 hot and cold chocolate dishes at Rupees 360, it includes Gulab Jamun with a chocolate filling, chocolate Shrikhand, chocolate Khakhra, chocolate soup, a huge white chocolate lollipop, chocolate Swiss roll and the standard chocolate ice cream. Phew! We are still in chocolate comma after somehow managing to finish this thali. (Tip: Please take at least 3-4 friends along)

Although Chocolate Thali is the most popular item and that’s exactly what took us there, we couldn’t help but order a few more quirky dishes on their menu. After the chocolate overdose, we ordered ‘Le le le Nachos’ which had a plate full of crispy Lays potato chips drowned in melted cheese. If this wasn’t enough next on our list was Cocktail Fries, watch your waiter turn into a bartender while mixing the fries in peri peri and grated cheese between two glasses. The cutest, err rather the tastiest dish of the evening, however was ‘3Pppppppppppppppps’ (no idea why it’s named that way) which is a mixed Pakora platter that comes in a cute little snack trolley.

They’ve paid special attention to every little detail when it comes to the ambiance. Right from street light to a big picture of BEST and names of popular streets written on the back of each chair, every single thing in this veg only restaurant screams Mumbai. Being a 90’s kid I particularly went down memory lane with the ambiance that only gets awesomer with some quirky 90’s songs playing in the background. 

If in Mumbai, you definitely can't miss visiting DesiKlub, folks! Quickly note down its address:

Address: Maker Chamber 5, Jamanalal Bajaj Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai
Contact: 022 46104610

Author and Picture Credit: Sanya Hamdani

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