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Every state of India has its own charm. Each state represents unique culture, art & vibrancy. This diversified beauty of India has even kept foreigners mesmerized for years and they still swear by. Even I am constantly exploring but I don’t have to travel across India to see different hues of it. All I need is to travel in and around Mumbai and I can lay my hands on craft pieces done by Roorkee artisans or buy pure Banarasi silk here. 

Wish to know where did I go this time? It was Handmade India, situated on the first floor of Phoenix mall in Kurla. 
Step into this small, cozy shop and you would find an endless collection, curated and collected from various parts of India. Elephants figurines, rugs, pillows, table lamps, compasses, handmade diaries, wall hanging made of palm leaf, huge wall clocks and the list is endless.

My interest aroused when my gaze fell on the Buddha idol. It had a lot of resemblance of those Malaysian Buddha idols but as I kept exploring the store, one by one many interesting facts unfolded in front of me. These beautiful Buddha idols are actually made by artisans in Roorkee. Then again, the Buddha idol made by Andhra artisans differ in its expression that will keep you intrigued for a while. I learned that Buddha’s various expressions are a key factor that makes customers purchase. 

Do you know those Hollywood flicks like Harry Potter and 300BC? Want to have a feel of Hollywood? Then make sure you have a look at the metal artifacts like compasses, telescopes and iron helmets kept at Handmade India. 

A temple made of pure Makrana marble and is only available at this shop. The marble is specially imported from Agra for clients if they want to have a special marble temple. No. I am not kidding. There are many artworks and handicrafts from various parts of India specially curated at this shop. 

Intricate yet beautifully designed vanity boxes made of mother of pearls and vintage tables made of camel bone are another rarity that you could discover here. The more I dug in, the more I was awed by the collection of Handmade India. 

I learned another interesting fact about pashmina after talking to Neha that not all pashminas you see in the market are pashminas. To test the quality of real pashmina is the warmth and feel that it generates. Further, Mukul (Curator of Handmade India) added that pashmina and Cashmere are derived from the “Capra Hircus”, a mountain goat. Pashmina fiber is extremely finer and thinner (12-15 microns) than generic cashmere fiber (15-19 microns) that makes light-weight apparel like fine scarves. 

Both Neha and Mukul cleared my confusion about real pashminas by stating these facts as well as they showed me real pashmina and insisted on touching and feeling it. 

So, if somebody is selling pashmina to you for Rs.1500 to 3000/-, beware as real pashminas are usually expensive and cost around 8000/- Rs. 

Handmade India Team relentlessly adds finest handicrafts to its collection ensuring that their clients should always have new to discover and take home the rarest, unique pieces. They work with almost 360 artisans across India to bring gems in the store. 

From curation to customization, Handmade India scores high in everything. 

So, next weekend stop by Handmade India! 

Address – Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Contact: 022 6180 2016

Bandra Branch: Pali Darshan building, Bandra West, Shop No 2. Ground Floor, Opposite Mini Punjab, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Contact:  022 2641 7703 | 022 6180 2016

Author Credit: Sheetal Mhaske

Picture Credit: Handmade India

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