Foodies, Swoon Over Chocolate Tacos at this Malad Eatery!

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Experimenting with ice creams have never stopped in the city. Be it nitrogen ice cream, black ice creams or anything else. With any new ace experimenting with ice creams we always expect something unusual and new which we haven't seen before. Froozo, recently opened in Malad is not just the end to your crazy ice cream flavors experiment but also opens its way to amazing munchies and the varieties they have in waffles.

First I thought the place is pure ice cream place and I'll be just filling my mouth with sweet treatments, but then when I looked at their menu, they had some items to balance the sweetness also.

Here are some of the items I tried and would highly recommend you'll to try it too:

Bubble Trouble:

I ditched the regular types of ice creams and going for bubble gum flavor ice cream. A nostalgic trip to all those bubble gum flavors brought into one ice cream, topped with Chocolate waffers and gems, it was delicious indeed!

Pizza Waffle:

The highlight of this place is that it not only surprises you with their various ice cream innovations but also what can be done with typical sweet items also. One of them is the pizza waffles. The toppings of pizzas along with veggies and perfect seasoning on top of Waffles. I had a pizza waffle earlier at another place and the waffle gave a sweet taste but here the pizza waffle exactly tastes like pizza and completely satisfies the aim.

Chocolate Taco
As I said before they even experiment with typical sweet items. Who would have thought that
one day tacos will be made out of Chocolate and not just Chocolate, but your choice of Chocolate. They have many froozo flavors out of which you can choose which taco you want to make. Well, I went for Raspindulgence which as the name suggests has a core raspberry flavor in it.

KitKat waffles
There's no better way to end any meal than waffles even if your meal was dessert meal. From Oreo to Nutella to Chocolate overload. I loved how soft yet crispy their waffles came straight outta the machine. They didn't compromise at all on the amount of Chocolate and KitKat they put

Not just these, they have munchies available out of which the Peri Peri potato crisps were my favorite along with the obvious Peri Peri fries. I loved how they experimented with ice cream flavors and made paan froozo, gulab jamun froozo and what not. 

A place with savoury froozo ice cream and lip smacking munchies definitely deserves your visit, so better get going there!

Address- 3, King Palace Building, Opposite Link House, Link road, Malad West, Mumbai
Contact no- 9321669992

Author Credit: Purnima Nath

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