Foodies, The Chocolate Heaven has Opened in Borivali Now!

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Are you the kind of person that can’t wait for desserts at a restaurant where you have just started the meal? Are you the kind of person who spends more time on the desserts menu? Are you the kind of person whose favorite places always are places with good desserts? I have started to sound like a tv reporter now, but here is the one stop solution to all of your dessert cravings: The Chocolate Heaven. The Chocolate Heaven has opened its new outlet in Borivali and I can’t stop drooling over its yummy chocolate delicacies.

Be it freak shakes, waffles, cupcakes, milkshakes or anything. Name it and they have got it on their menu. Now there’s better news for people who are not much of a sweet tooth: They not just have a chocolate menu, but they even have the Café food for you!

Apart from their yummy drool worthy food they have a chilled vibe at their restaurant along with friendly staff. So, let’s talk about the food, shall we?

Potato Cheese Poppers:

For the starters, I thought to ditch the regular fries and go for better choice Potato Cheese Poppers are basically potato wrapped all over with cheese and deep fried. How yum can that be? These tiny poppers can literally burst like little cheese bombs in your mouth and you just won’t stop at one, I guarantee it.

Paneer Tikka Pizza:

Now if I’m given the option between pasta and pizzas, I will definitely go for pizza (coz why not?)! I’m glad that I went for paneer tikka pizza here because it was really worth it. I savored with peach mojito which they served in cute little glasses. Now I’m not a person who loves spicy food, and since I ordered a paneer tikka, it was expected to be spicy. So people, note here that this pizza is not for the soft hearts. Haha. But the taste of paneer tikka was really on point. The base was soft Italian base along with toppings of paneer, capsicum, onion, and cheese all over. For a 10 inch pizza, this can fill up two people exactly real good. I really liked how the base of their pizza was perfectly soft and the toppings were very fresh. The range of pizzas available here come from Rs260-330.

Nutella Waffle:

Yes, I know this is the part you’ll have been waiting for the most. I wanted to how true this place is to its title and boy oh boy they really surprised me. The Nutella waffle here was so good that I don’t mind travelling to this place every time I have waffle craving. The 2 pieces of waffle were served with vanilla ice cream with Nutella spread all over. I think I have reached the top of my chocolate heaven after eating this. The quantity for the price you will be paying here is totally worth it and after eating here you won’t regret spending even a penny. The waffles range comes between Rs-200-300.

The day I had visited this place was the opening day and me being a stubborn kid couldn’t just wait for all of their items on the menu to be served. But after trying all of these items over there, I just can’t wait to go there again when their entire menu is ready. From their old outlet, I can strongly say that this outlet is going to is going to kill it for all the chocolate lovers. From freak shakes, chocolate fondues, waffles, pancakes, sundaes and some chocolate items I saw for the first item on their menu only, this place is a one-stop destination for all your chocolate cravings and as the name suggests it will surely make you reach the chocolate heaven. Visit them suit for that much-needed treat then!

Address: Shop no.7, Silver Arch CHS, Opposite Soni Tower, Kalpana Chawla Chowk, Borivali West

Contact: 022 30151750

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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