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Dessert is eye candy for the tongue, or so we are told. Neha, who runs a dessert shop called Giggles, is taking that idea one step further. Giggles specialises in baking delectable themed cakes that are delightful to look at; making them, quite literally, eye-candy.

 Neha’s self-proclaimed love affair with baking started in 2010 as a zealous interest in helping friends arrange house parties. The weekend hobby slowly morphed into a full-time occupation and seven years later that hobby has resulted in an outrageous variety of theme cakes besides hundreds of satisfied customers.

 Admittedly, baking cakes as a hobby isn’t the toughest job in the world but for Neha, baking begins with the most premium ingredients and ends in nothing short of the perfect batter. The resulting cakes are full of vivid colours and distinctive tastes, proving that passion infused with skill is an unbeatable combination.

 The level of detail that Neha imparts to her cakes is commendable. She willingly customizes literally any and every tiny detail, right down to the edible buckles on a “brief case” cake. Such skill requires patience along with dozens of disasters in the kitchen. Thankfully for Giggles, Neha has a knack for baking it right the first time, every time.

 Over the years, Neha has picked up a number of baking styles, some self taught, others through baking workshops. She caters to a wide variety of clientele by indulging in protein bakes, sugarfree recipes, ketogenic bakes (short for weight loss recipes) and, for the environmentally conscious, vegan cakes as well.

 From jewelry sets to jalebis and dhoklas, Neha owns the art of baking visually appealing dessert.

 If you want your own customised or themed cakes, you can reach Neha on +91-96192-57030 or visit the Facebook page


Author Credit: Vivek Kavadia

Picture Credit: Giggles

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