Funk up your Space with Handpainted Goodies of Pyjama Party!

We are always on a hunt to find that unique décor piece to deck up our homes and give our space an extraordinary look. Me being a quirk art lover, I was on a quest to find out of the ordinary items to do up my space. And then I explored this amazing label called Pyjama Party! Pyjama Party is an art studio which creates hand-painted products like hand-painted kettles, canvas art, quirky kitsch cutting chai sets, upcycled bottles and bottle planters, storage boxes, dhobi bat art, canvas paintings, hand-painted shoes, helmets, ceramic coffee mugs, coasters and colorful notebooks.

Pyjama Party (a fun name right?) is a brainchild of a serial art lover, Rithika who loves to play around with paint. Rithika recalls her childhood days where she was surrounded by talented family members from the field of art, music, and culture. These influences, encouragement, and exposure to creative fields gave her the nudge and confidence to start her own art studio and she gave it a quirky name to resonate with the brand identity. When asked about why such a quirky name? She said, “Pyjama Party Studio is a fun brand, all the products I create are quirky, colorful and have a whimsical and eclectic feel to them. I decided on the name Pyjama Party Studio, since it captures a fun time growing up and from a marketing or advertising perspective, it’s a stick name that elicits some curiosity”.

Combining her love for art and her curiosity to create something of her own, her label makes unique designs without using stencils. Her free hand painting makes each product an exclusive affair with freedom & creativity. Every design from the Pyjama Party Studio portfolio is one of a kind, hand-drawn and therefore no two products look alike. All product design has a lot of intricate detailing and Indian motifs which took her years of practice to be a perfectionist in this space.

What sets her apart is her work which blends Indian influences like lotus motif, vivid colors, traditional patterns and stunning visual combinations. And as they say, do what you love and love what you do and that’s what Rithika believed in. And her beliefs turned into products which are welcomed by customers in a warm way. She retails online with some popular online platforms and also successfully launched in the UAE and UK through resellers who believe in the design aesthetics and utilitarian value of these quirky yet eclectic products.

The price range starts from 500 INR and can go up to 10,000 INR depending on the nature and size of the product. She retails in online shops on multiple platforms and gets a steady stream of orders every month. All Pyjama Party products are made to order, and they also do customized designs for customers who want personalized messages or motifs on products. Rithika’s journey has been one hell of a roller coaster ride and she has learned a lot not just about art and retail but about herself through her work. Plans for Pyjama Party essentially involve painting more, collaborating with like-minded people and experimenting with new styles, new markets and new products. 

So give your home an uplight with some colorful products by Pyjama Party and wow your guests with your sui generis style. You can contact on their Facebook page for further information or orders.

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Author Credit: Shraddha Bhanushali

Picture Credit: Pyjama Party Studio

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