Get a Variety of Plants at Rock Bottom Prices in Santacruz!

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If plants, saplings, shrubs, and gardening are some of your favorite words, we’re about to make you very happy. On our quest to discover the undiscovered, we recently came across a trail of plant shops along the University Road in Santacruz that have almost every indoor and outdoor plant you dreamed of having.

Can you possibly stop yourself from stepping out of your car on a road where you can only see plant shops on both sides? Nor could we. These open air shops welcomed us with some of the prettiest and neatly arranged home, balcony and garden plants. From some of the most common plants to names you’ve never heard of before, this place is every plant lover’s paradise. Even if you’re a novice, fret not the shopkeepers may not know how to pronounce the names of the plants but they’ll tell you everything there is to know as if they’ve come straight out of a botany class.

Office and indoor plants that will survive in AC include Silver Plant, Spider Plant, Cactus, Warneck Dracaena, Snake Plant, etc. they’re ranged between 100-300 rupees and your bargaining capabilities. Balcony plants include Rose, Money Plant, Aloe Vera, Basil, English Ivy, Bougainvillea, as well as plants that repel mosquitoes, these plants range from 50-200 rupees. Garden plants like Fern, Palm, Agave, Colocasia, Bonsai, Hosta have most buyers and range between 150-400 and above. What particularly caught our attention were these tiny little pots of cactus and succulents in bright and beautiful colors. They are perfect for those who like a little greenery on their office desks.

They also have plastic and ceramic pots in several shape, sizes, and designs, which also start from 50 Rupees and go up to 500. But again, it all depends on how well you bargain. Buyers usually buy the pot and soil along with the plant to get a good deal. Don’t be surprised if you see fancy cars parked nearby because according to the shopkeepers their shops are frequented by celebrities. Now, who wouldn’t want to buy beautiful and well-maintained greenery for their homes and offices?

Address: Back gate of Mumbai University, off the Western Express Highway on the way to the Grand Hyatt Santacruz (East).

Author and Picture Credit: Sanya Hamdani

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