Get Diet Friendly, Boozy Desserts by this Powai Based Baker!

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Most of us have a sweet tooth that we love to pamper endlessly. And what’s better than home-made sweetness! Powai based home baker, Shweta Katiyar's brand Blue Mango has recently caught our fancy for its unique, inventive and delicious desserts! Shweta has been cooking up a storm with unique flavours in cakes like Pistachio & Saffron,Matcha Rose cake or Chocolate cake with Red Wine. Isn’t it time you ditched the usual cake flavours and gave these sweet delights a try!?      
She’s even got something for the health nuts! Her palette ranges from diet-friendly desserts and breads like keto-friendly cheesecake and gluten free brownies, to low-carb banana bread. Now you no longer need to cheat on your health regime to grab something sweet.

Have you ever felt like munching on Jack Daniels cookies in office? If not, start fantasizing about it right away! These boozy delights will add a splash of fun into those mundane working hours.  Blue Mango also has other interesting flavours like Almond & Cinnamon Spice, crunchy cornflakes and choco-chip cookies. Their must-have Sugar studded mint chocolate thumbprint cookies are also simply to die for!

However, cupcakes and muffins with a twist are their specialties! Try the cranberry maple almond muffin or the lemon lava cupcake when you’re in the mood to try something new because food experimentation is their forte. Then there are the delicious dessert bars called Blondies in innovative flavours like Cinnamon Chai-Infused, Pumpkin spice butter and choco-chip banoffee. Once you try them, these are sure to be your go-to favourite desserts.

Tempted and craving something sweet already? Give her a call and indulge in desserts that are sure to brighten up your day!

Contact: 9619500623

Picture Credits: The Blue Mango

Author Credit: Varsha Rao

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