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A place where you can never get enough of your Chocolate cravings. Not just that but having the same type of Chocolate fudge in various forms, like sundae, milkshakes, or just plain fudge.  The "Oh!Fudge" in Colaba had been giving me major Chocolate cravings every time I pass by it and then I feel guilty of ending up eating there.

But blame me all you want, if you were at my place, trust me, you would be doing the same thing. Over 20 types of Chocolate fudges, this tiny outlet it a huge bomb when it comes to serving fudges and it's more variety than you can imagine.

Serving in tiny jars for Rs40 to huge jars for Rs250, there are many ways to eat the fudge guiltlessly. When it comes to sundaes, they will serve you a huge scoop of the fudge along with some ice cream in a hot jar.

My favorite is the Sundae as it gets me the combination of the hot fudge and the cold ice cream and I just love contrasting combinations.

Talking about contrasting combinations, they have some of the flavors like White and dark chocolate chips, coffee fudge, caramel fudge, oh wait, is this watering your mouth? Then it better should!

And if you're in a hurry to have your favorite fudge then you can make a milkshake out of it too. The thick milkshake is made just from the fudge and ice cream, so it's heavy thick shakes for you to go. And trust me when I say heavy, it really fills up your tummy.

Apart from just eating there, you can get the delivery option too from many delivery platforms and for festivals, they even have gift boxes, so instead of the regular sweet, you have something new to gift.

Be it my morning sweet dose or late night dessert, this outlet located in the heart of Colaba is easily accessible to all and everyone's one-stop destination for fudges!

Address- 14(1), Shahid Bhagat Singh road, Opposite Camy waffers, Colaba market main road, Colaba, Mumbai.
Contact no- 7506060699


Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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