Get Struck with Nostalgia; Take a Walk Around Parsi Colony!

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As the time passed by, commercialization took place everywhere in Mumbai and many heritage sites got converted into offices and shops. But Parsi Colony in Dadar is an exception for sure.

Dadar Parsi Colony (officially Mancherji Joshi Parsi Colony) is an upper-class Parsi colony in midtown south Mumbai. It is situated in the locality of Dadar-Matunga. Unlike the other Parsi Colonies (also known as 'baugs', literally gardens) it is not surrounded by a wall or fence and is not isolated from its surroundings. The colony houses the famous Five Gardens created by Mancherji Joshi, a renowned Parsi.

It is the largest Zoroastrian enclave in the world, and in 2009, out of the 45,000 Zoroastrians living in Mumbai, 10,000 lived in Dadar Parsi Colony. 

It’s one of the peaceful areas in Mumbai that are left. This area has beautiful houses and interiors. This area is well planned by the previous developers. No building is allowed to be more than three storey high, and the buildings have to have open spaces between them. This land-use was planned to be a mix of residential, commercial and institutional constructions. Parks and gardens were planned, and the streets were well laid out. The Parsi and Hindu colonies in Dadar were developed in this way.
There are many places to visit in this area but some of them are restricted only for the Parsi community.

The streets of Parsi colony are outlined with age-old huge trees, that’s why it is such a pleasant area and almost every street ends in a small park.

If you visit Parsi Colony, it is sure to take you back in time. You better take a heritage walk then?

Author and Picture Credit: Nachiket Parchure

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