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Glocal Junction has always been one of the major food and drinks attraction of Worli. The reason why it is called Glocal Junction is that the food here is based on two themes that are combined together. The word glocal is because the food they serve here is of the world cuisine but presented in a very local way. The people here thought that every person has 2 identities- one global and the other one is local. This is the reason why the food here is relatable to everyone and loved by every Mumbaikar here.

19th June is celebrated as World Martini Day all across the world. On this special occasion, Glocal Junction, Worli invited some bloggers from Mumbai to its Glocal Blogtails to celebrate this day with the food bloggers from Mumbai. At the Glocal Blogtails, they had a special menu for food and yes, of course, they had introduced 9 new types of Martinis to their menu which will be up on their menu for this entire week. The evening had lots of food to drool over, lots of cocktails and fun events.

The welcome was with cocktails from their menu. Out of their cocktails, the two I tried were after dark and the Newton. After a tiring day, we all thirst for a cup of coffee. The people at glocal know this thirst very well and have a remedy for that in their cocktails menu. The After Dark drink is a coffee based cocktail and The Newton is a combination of sweet and sour alcohol. 

Let me guide you through their special cocktails menu for this evening:

The Perfect One- It’s a classic combination of Smirnoff vodka, vermouth and freshly squeezed orange juice, shaken and served up.

The Vesper- It’s a combination of Smirnoff Gin and Dry Vermouth, shaken and not stirred.

Being Dirty-Smirnoff vodka is stirred with vermouth and olive brine and garnished with olives.

The FranchoPhile- combination of Smirnoff no.21, fresh pineapple juice, and black current syrup.

The Newton-A perfect balance of sweet and sour with Smirnoff green apple vodka with fresh apple, apple cider vinegar with a twist of apple syrup.

The Hipster- Smirnoff Orange mixed with vermouth and elderflower are combined in this nod to Smirnoff’s Parisienne past.

After Dark- Smirnoff vanilla is shaken with bailey’s Irish ice cream and fresh espresso.

After this round of irresistible cocktails, what do you want the most? I think the answer is food. So now let me guide you through their special food and desserts menu.

For the food menu along with both veg and non-veg starters, they had nailed the local food and presented in a beautiful way. From the veg platter we have- Peri Peri paneer which is paneer grilled over medium spicy peri peri sauce. Salt and pepper baby potatoes were those small baby potatoes fried in oil, masalas, salt and pepper. Saoji tikki on Brioche- this was the yummiest saoji, though not the authentic one but my favorite from the veg platter. Tokri chat which is basically sev puri served in a much more appealing way and other veg dishes were the paneer pizzas.

 Coming to their non-veg platter, my favorite of all was the dynamite prawns which were prawns dipped in non-spicy butter curry. Chicken cheese bombie were chicken cheese balls in huge size and a lot more delicious. The last was the chicken tikka pizza. Sadly there were not many options for the non-veg lovers, but all of our problems were solved by the dessert table.

Are you ready to take a journey through the dessert table?

First, we had is mini cute cupcakes, ras malai tres-leche, some fruit salads, Matka Basundi, Hershey's waffles and to end with were the Meetha Paan. Quite a travel through the dessert table right?

Now, this is what you call celebrating World Martini Day, right?

Don’t worry if you missed the first day. This event is on for a week! So, now you know where your next celebration will be, no?


Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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