Go Yay Eating 20+ Types of Fries at this Vile Parle Cafe!

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You confess it or not, but we all have this soft, crisp, cheesy corner in our hearts reserved just for Fries, right? And a Fries lover would go to go any extent to get that one plateful of perfectly made Fries, I tell you!

With over 25 varieties of French Fries, this tiny café tucked in Vile Parle (East) - The Bombay Fries is just the right place for all Fries lovers out there. Starting with INR 60 and not going beyond INR 150 one can get lip-smacking fries at reasonable prices. 

If 25 varieties are not enough for you to experiment with, you can also create your own dish. Bring out the Masterchef in you and get creative!

It’s a quaint little place, mainly meant for people who want to grab a quick bite before going to college or those who are tired from their work and just want to place orders online. Still, there’s a seating area in front of the restaurant if you don’t fall in either of the categories mentioned above and want to eat the food undisturbed while seated.  

Here’s what I recommend:

Amboo Tornado: Twisted fries made to perfection. Topped with a combination of 3 sauces which include mozzarella, BBQ, and mayonnaise, this humongous roll of crispy potatoes will surely take some time for you to consume. 

Bruce Lee Fries: If you are a Chili-head then this dish is worth experimenting with. The spicy fries are topped with lots of cheese to balance the taste. A Red Velvet Shake would help you gulp down the spiciness. 

Chipotle Cheese: Fries topped with Chipotle sauce. The sauce has a mild taste of jalapenos. It’s spicy at first but leaves a sweet aftertaste. Go for this dish if you are looking for something more on a simpler side. This dish is similar to classic fries but has an added taste of Chipotle sauce. 

If you aren’t in a mood to experiment, try the classy double cheese fries, they also have Oreo Shake for those who prefer to end it on a sweet note. 

Do try their Fries and fill your stomach without emptying your wallets, peeps!

Address: Shop No. 15 Nandprem Shopping Centre Nehru Road, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai
Contact: 077770 24123


Author and Picture Credit: Yash Saboo

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