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A one-stop for your dessert cravings- The Bake Room in Mulund is here to not just give you the best of desserts but now they have a new menu that has just given competition to their desserts also.

Experts in customized cakes, macaroons, Chocolates, The Bake Room also has a full new cafe menu with popcorn bhel, pavbhaji fondue, pesto wedges and what not.

Here are few of the things I feel are must try when you go to The Bake Room:

Chocolate Spoons

Yes! These are the edible Chocolate spoons both of white and Belgium Chocolate. Now you don't need the regular spoons when you have these yummy dessert spoons in front of you. If you give me an option, I'll always prefer to eat with these spoons and then eat them later.

Hazel Berry

Love this new addition for the strawberry season. Just the perfect way to begin your Berry season with this hazelnut pastry with strawberries all over. I would prefer hazelnut anyday over Chocolates and this combination is literally the best one I had.

24 Layer Chocolate Cake

This pastry has 24 layers of Chocolate in it. And I'm not bluffing! I have a picture of the cake that will prove it to you that there are 24 separate layers of Chocolate one above another. If you want to dive into Chocolate without spoiling your clothes then this pastry is a must for you.

Popcorn Bhel

Something unique they have put up on their menu and this one is a huge thumbs up from my side as they don't just use one type of popcorn, but they use butter, caramel, salted all types of popcorn in this bhel with all the spicy masalas. So the sweet and spicy taste of this Bhel is literally to die for

Apart from their desserts, they have Hazel Berry, Caramel crunch, unicorn mousse that are really must haves there. I love when a pastry shop tries to experiment so much that their efforts are literally seen on their menu.

Address- Shop 28, Vikas Paradise, Bhakti Marg,Mulund west Mumbai

Contact no-9769446444

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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