Have a Majestic Meal Under Kinetic Ceiling at Pa Pa Ya!

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Pa Pa Ya has been on my wishlist for the longest time and even more because of their newest outlet in BKC.  Now, what is so irregular with this new outlet at BKC? Ummm, let me give you hints!

Something which is solid as a rock in a restaurant. Ring a bell? Well, why would it? So let me break the ice for you! The newest outlet of PA PA YA has a kinetic ceiling. That’s right, a ceiling that keeps on moving! Not just that, PA PA YA BKC is India’s 1st Restaurant to have Kinetic Moving ceiling. How cool is that? Looking at your ceiling moving while grabbing some amazing sushis!

Talking about the service, well I couldn't have asked for a better service than the one they offered me. From their staff to the chef and managers, everyone helped in their best way to give me a perfect lunch I had wished for.

There were a few items I desperately wanted to have here and I'm glad that they lived right up to my expectations. The bar tender suggested some drinks and my god, they turned out to be the best food companions for that afternoon.

So here are the food items I had for the lunch and I would recommend you'll for the same:

-Lamb rendang curry
Because Nalli Nihari and Naan? Who would dare refuse that? The lamb here is soaked for 12hrs before the actual preparation and that is the main reason behind the softness and the yummy taste of the nalli.

-Nigri sushi tree
The signature sushi tree at Pa Pa Ya which is everyone’s  favorite. This sushi tree has three types of sushis on its branches. The prawns sushi, and 2 other types of fish sushis. So sushi fans, this is no less than a buffet for you’ll.

-Chocolate ball on fire
The traditional and the best chocolate ball I have ever had till date. Just when they flame the chocolate ball, you can see the 3 different types of ice creams in it, nuts, chocolates all over the place and then you think you have finished your meal peacefully.


At the end of the meal, you just can't leave without the Chocolate ball on fire as it has to be one of the best and most satisfying desserts I have ever had. But more than anything, trust me, the feeling of having amazing food under a majestic and stunning Kinetic ceiling is beyond words and it can be only understood if you experience it.

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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