Indulge in a gourmet, vegan multi-course meal at Le 15 Cafe!

Take a look at Mumbai’s bustling food scene, and you will notice the concept of veganism growing increasingly popular. From long-existing restaurants now offering a range of vegan items to all-vegan cafes, Mumbai’s dining scene has clearly accepted the concept and is all set to offer the customers what they want.

A few years ago, going vegan would have seemed like a ludicrous thought to many. But Mumbaikars are now increasingly opting to turn vegan, and this has seen a fresh, exciting onrush of events specific to vegans and veganism. For all vegans, aspiring vegans as well as non-vegans who like experimenting with new things- there is an exciting new event coming up!

The exclusive Table No 13 event by Le 15 Cafe is whipping up a vegan surprise menu to treat you to in their upcoming edition! The brain-child of Le 15 Cafe owner Pooja Dhingra and Chef Pablo Agular, the Table No 13 is a much-loved monthly event at the cafe, where the chefs take a break from the usual cafe style fare but still maintain the no-fuss environment for a gourmet multiple-course meal.

Pablo Naranjo Agular and Pooja Dhingra will cook a surprise menu with what's currently catching their fancy. These menus are inspired by their travels, conversations and even market visits! With only 10 spots at the table, it's bound to be an intimate event, full of great conversations with like-minded foodies, great food and an experience to talk about long after it's over.

Also, the reason why the event is called Table No. 13 is quite interesting. Did you know, but at most restaurants, Table 13 doesn’t exist. No one knows whether it is superstitious or just a common practice, but Pooja Dhingra and Pablo Agular decided to explore the cafe’s creative and culinary boundaries through its fleeting existence that will pop-up only once a month at Le 15 Café, Colaba.

So, what are you waiting for? Seats fill up really quick, so book your spot soon. Who knows? Maybe this will be your foray into the exciting new world of veganism!

Date: August 9th, 8:15 PM
Venue: Le 15 Cafe, Colaba

Author Credit: Apeksha Shetty

Tags: table no 13

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