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Mumbai - A city which always amuses you even though you stay here since forever. While earning a living, getting stuck in traffic jams and running through the veins of Mumbai a.k.a the local trains, we seldom get a chance to explore the beauty of this city. So if you want to be a traveler in this golden city and get rewarded for it, participate in this awesome city treasure hunt which is happening on the 23rd of July in SoBo. 

Some Place Else, a Mumbai based event company by Ritika Saraf is organizing this fun city treasure hunt event called as CuriousCity Challenge. It's an exciting, gamified way to get to know your city better - its history, culture, food and hidden corners! A treasure hunt that will help you see South Mumbai like never before. 

Ritika Saraf being a Mumbaikar herself is always up for exploring interesting and less explored parts of Mumbai. Whenever she comes across something which is new and interesting, she gets excited and feels like sharing it with everyone. We are all so lost in our daily lives that we don't really look at the city's hidden gems like a traveler. So she thought, it'll be exciting for people to come together in a game like format and get around certain areas of the city they've not seen or haven't been to in a while. And that inspired her to create this unusual city treasure hunt. The locations for the challenge is hidden and will only be revealed during the hunt but some places to be covered will be Fort, Colaba, Churchgate, Kala Ghoda, Marine drive and more.

The CuriousCity Challenge is going to be held on 23rd of July at 4.30 PM at an undisclosed location in South Mumbai. This will only be revealed to registered participants one day prior to the event. If anyone has come for this trail before, they are not allowed to come again. Every person will be in a team of people they don't know. No two friends can be in the same team - that’s what the theme of this hunt is, explore the city with strangers! 

People can register individually or with friends, however, the rule of no friends in the same team applies. Each team will have about 3 or 4 participants. The winning team will get awesome gifts per person. The Entry fee for this event is 375 INR per participant. 

So, if you want to spend your Sunday doing something unusual and exploring the city like never before and grabbing some awesome goodies, then get that curious mind to work and participate in this treasure hunt! Even if you lose, you will take home some amazing memories while exploring Mumbai’s hidden gems and some new friends too! 

When -  23rd July (Sunday)

Time: 4.30 pm

Cost - Rs 375 per person

Email -

Contact - 9833163486  

You can register yourself at . 

Facebook Page -


Author Credit: Shraddha Bhanushali

Picture Credit: The Curious City Challenge

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