Learn the 101 of Doodle Making at this Workshop on July 29!

What’s the big deal about doodling? After all, isn’t that what we would do during boring lectures at colleges? And that’s how even Snehal Patil, 29, took up doodling. However, a few years down the line, she realized that there’s more to doodling than just drawing lines to while the time away.

“There are various technicalities involved when it comes to making intricate designs in ink,” says Snehal, an architect who is also the founder of Bombay Drawing Room, an initiative that inspires creativity mostly through workshops.

How is ink doodling different from regular doodling?

“It about the pens you use that makes the art different. We use ball pens with varying thicknesses to make the designs,” says Snehal.

But can people not adept at sketching or drawing attend it? “Ink doodling needs a lot of monitoring. The pens that we use are fragile and since the designs are intricate one usually needs a little help to get started,” Snehal says. She also adds that this type of doodling is therapeutic and helps with improving concentration.

The artist says, “Doodling also helps us gain inspiration from our surroundings. If while working on a piece you think that you’ve run out of ideas for patterns, we’ll help you realize how we get ideas from anything around us.”

“We can get a new design from a chair that’s in the room or even from the clothes that we are wearing,” says Snehal.

So why should you attend this workshop?

Just take a look at the photographs. Who wouldn’t want to be a proud owner of these masterpieces and tell people that they created them? And what’s more, a select menu of food and drinks is on the house.

See you at Doolally Taproom at Colaba on 29th then, folks!

Date: July 29
Time: 2pm-4pm
Venue: Doolally Taproom, Colaba
Address: Ground Floor 1, Plot 75/77, Park House, Annexe, Nathalal Parikh Marg, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005
Phone number: 07400046344
Fee: Rs1,850

Author Credit: Ankita Sengupta

Picture Credit: Snehal Patil

Tags: ink doodle workshop

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