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Almost every by-lane in Mumbai is filled with cafes, however, there are just a few who have the right aroma and the feel. Drifting away from the pricey coffee shops people now prefer less crowded and enclosed outlets which are peaceful and calm. 

If you are one of those people who like to visit such outlets then we have something for you. The newly opened café in Mulund west named Tea and Conversations is a wonder in its own stride. The place not only offers brilliant teas and coffees but it also serves you comfort foods! 

Well, Tea and Conversations also has a few books laid on the shelf, and you can get back to your reader self while slurping on Maggi! 

Affordable to the core, the petit outlet has amazing board games too! So if you are looking out for a non-pricey hangout place with your gang this is the place to opt for! 

Apart from the mind blowing teas and coffees, do try out the shakes here and also binge on the variations of Maggi! The café is located in Mulund West. 

Check out the pictures of this amazing secretive place!

Author Credit: Riddhi Sheth

Picture Credit: Tea and Conversations

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