Love Chocolate, Ice Creams? Eat this Monster Dessert Then!

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A new ice cream parlour amongst the food land of Mahavir Nagar, Z's Creamery is sure to blow your mind with their amazing combos of ice creams, shakes and most of them all, the amount at which it is priced. Every time when I go to an ice cream parlor, I'm disappointed with its high pricing and think twice before spending so much money on an ice cream. But at Z's creamery, I'm glad they have kept the pricing as good as their ice creams.

To begin with, I would really recommend you'll to have the dragon's breath. Something new I had for the first time, cracker biscuits with nitrogen infused is the idea behind it and it just smokes out the gas till you eat it completely.

After that, you can try various combinations of their ice creams with various Chocolates,sauces and flavors. They even serve bubble waffles and huge monster ice creams. The Chocolate Monster with strawberry ice cream is the one I had. It's basically black ice-cream cone with strawberry flavor nitrogen ice cream in it and topped with a waffle and various Chocolates.

Nutella puffle with bubblegum ice cream:

This is my favorite out of all I had. The bubblegum flavored ice cream was the highlight of all and tasted best with Nutella bubble waffle mixed with nice buis uits.

The next we had was the Belgian Chocolate ice cream mixed with black forest cake and topped with Maltesers. If you're a chocolate lover, this is what will be your next favorite kind of ice cream.

This place has definitely won many people's attention, apart from all this, they even serve a wide range of shakes and ice cream taco. The above were my recommendations and I'm sure you'll love it!

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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