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In life we keep only a few things safe, things worthy enough to put away inside a wooden box or tucked away inside a locker. I have always seen my mom draping around the most eye catching selection of sarees and shawls during family functions, and each time, I had seen her take them out of the big brown box locked safely under our Almirah. I found the secret one day, the sarees were actually hand-woven and the shawls were hand embroidered, which are really difficult to find in our usual lifestyle malls these days. I always had this in mind, until recently when I stumbled upon Maati Crafts, a platform created to promote the use of Indian handicrafts in the urban market place. 

The idea behind Maaticrafts was conceived in the year 2009 by Ms. Anita Chandramohan and Ms. Jayashree Krishnan who hold high regard towards the traditional crafts made in India. They solely believe that such arts form an integral part of our culture, in everything that we wear, see and eat in India, there have been and always will be a cultural influence that describes our beliefs and legends and depict our lives and times. The design house manufactures apparels for women and all their products are hand crafted or handmade by local artisans. When it comes to quality, Maaticrafts is very strict with the way their products are produced; they source materials from various rural places in India and test several prototypes before the product gets to the market. In these 8 years, the label has acquired the reputation of an organization for providing sustained income for artisans while catering to markets across India.

The designs made under the label are a beautiful fusion of traditional art and modern aesthetics. One must check their collection of Mughal-inspired Anarkalis, Anghrakha dresses, long kurtas and a sprawl of enviable jewelry pieces.  They ship their products pan India and the collection can be seen on their website. One can order directly through the website or by dropping a message on their Whatsapp number. 

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Author Credit: Wrisha Mukherjee

Picture Credit: Maati Crafts

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