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More and more Indians are now diving deep into the world of Global cuisine. People have become open to trying different, more experimental food than before. Pan Asian food offers just that. While its palette is global in nature, the taste keeps up with the Indian choices. Therefore the host of new Pan Asian restaurants is catering to a new menu all the time and Mamagoto is no exception - it has launched it all new menu this season!

Most will be familiar with the restaurant Mamagoto, and the menu it offers, it has now come up with a new seasonal menu called the ‘Hawkers Hall’, that brings the essence of the hawker food stalls across Asia to your plates. The menu appeals to travelers and adventure mongers looking to try something new. Keeping with its reputation of being a quirky Asian eatery, the Hawkers Hall is promising. The name Mamagoto means “Playing with food in Japanese” and it does live up to its name with the kind of food it offers. The eatery has various outlets in the city, but we visited the one at Kala Ghoda.

To the delight of most, the seasonal menu offer’s an interesting take on the Puchka/Pani- Puri. The Thai- Puchka Bites deserves a special mention for blending the common Indian street food, with Thai ingredients. It consists of the Puchka shell, with Betel leaf, Peanuts, and Onions inside. It comes along with a sweet and pungent ginger red chilli Sauce. The dish is served on a bed of desiccated coconut. This is fusion food par excellence indeed! Moving on with the curries, they have an offering from the land of Vietnam too. The Mekong Boat Chicken Curry is a rich peanut based curry, which has succulent pieces of boneless chicken that comes along with a nest of rice noodles. The interesting part is that the rice noodles nest will remind you of a South Indian delicacy, the Idiyappam. The menu also has some delicious Korean offering like the Bibimbap in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. To the fans of lamb, the Hawkers Hall has the Korean Lamb Bulgogi. It is lamb marinated with Pear and Spring Onions, tossed in a wok and served along with a salad. If you are going veg you can try the Jungle Holla Hoop Curry, which is a Jack-fruit Pineapple curry infused with Thai spices and coconut.

The portion sizes are fair given the price however, you will be satisfied when it comes to taste. The best part about the menu is that the food is light and the spices are subtly infused. Mamagoto menu over-all works best with people looking to fill their stomachs with a good amount of nutrients.

All in all, if you are in the mood for some adventure and lip smacking food, you can definitely give Mamagoto’s new menu a try, and you won’t be disappointed.

Address: 5, Surya Mahal, Burjarji Bharucha Marg, Kalaghoda Fort, Stock Exchange, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Contact : 022 67495660 | 022 33999610

Author and Picture Credit: Amrita Ganguly


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