Mumbai gets its First Machine which Vends Pizza & More!

Nothing can make us feel alright than Pizza! But what really kills the mood is the long waiting time for delivery! What if I tell you that now you can get your pizza in flat 5 minutes without much hassle? And top of that what if I mention one more point, that it comes from an automatic vending machine?!

Yes, you read that right! Now you can get pizza, fries, popcorn, juices and more at Kandivali’s Yess Pizza! Nestled in the busy street of Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali, Yess Pizza - a new vending cafe is now open to feed you straight from fresh oven to your watering mouth in 5 minutes. A unique concept which has been explored first time in India, Yess Pizza is revolutionizing the food business. It's world’s smallest pizza factory where you can behold your might pizza getting ready from scratch. 

The founders & directors of Yess Pizza are Kamal Dixit, Kanak Dixit, Sudhir Undevia, Manoj Vithalani, Bhavesh Domadia and the cafe is managed by Tej Mehta Who looks after Operations & Marketing.  

 Yes Pizza was launched in the first week of July in Kandivali. The cafe is a result of 2 and half years of research of all the partners. They always believed in created something unique and out of the box story in the cafe scenario. And after much research and hard work, they started Yess Pizza, India’s first vending cafe which is a cutting edge concept. 

As soon as I entered the space, I was welcomed in a digitalised world. The place is compact in size, but was packed with customers. They have installed 2 Pizza vending machines which works just like an ATM machine. They have digital currency for making the payment and starting the process. The process starts with flour getting mixed with right amount of water and converts it into a dough. The dough then gets rolled into a thin crust pizza base. 

The pizza base is semi - wheat i.e 70% of wheat and 30% of Maida. They also have an option of whole wheat base according to your preference. Next, the machine spreads the pizza sauce on the base. They have option of Jain pizza sauce without garlic and onion and one being the normal pizza sauce, depends on your choice.  Next you select the toppings. They have margarita, simply veg, premium veg and exotic paneer in option as of now. After you select the pizza type, then the pizza goes straight into the oven. After some time, your piping hot pizza gets delivered and comes out of the vending machine. And to remind you, all this takes just 5 minutes! 

We tasted the margarita pizza which tasted heavenly and was freshly out of the oven. The crust was crisp and light and the sauce was spread evenly. I am still very surprised that a machine made an amazing pizza! They also have fries vending machine which vends out fries in flat 2 minutes, a juice machine which peels & squeeze out fresh citrus juices in shocking 5 seconds. They also have automatic popcorn vending machine, making popcorns in fraction of seconds. We tasted a new recipe which they were trying with popcorn & olive oil. The popcorn had a hint of olive flavour to it, creating a spicy tinge. Trust me, that popcorn flavour was addictive. I would request them to bring that flavour as soon as they can in the menu! They also have a small cute cart outside the cafe which sells fresh fruit popsicles which are healthy and tasty at the same time. 

The place is pocket-friendly and won’t burn a hole in your wallet. The prices are not at all outrageous for a service so unique. So if you think, Pizza is bae then leave everything aside and visit this place right now! 


Address - Shop 54, Raj Arcade, opposite Dmart, Mahavir nagar, Kandivali, Mumbai - 400067

Contact - 098707 23160

Website -

Facebook -


Author and Picture Credit: Shraddha Bhanushali


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