Paint Your Heart Out with Knives at Texture Play Tomorrow!

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You take the palette knife number five, scoop up a smidgen of pearl turquoise violet and spread it liberally on the canvas to make the flowers look brighter.

Was that Greek to you?

Well, it was to me too but after I had a look at the painting that this knife painting workshop is offering to teach me, I had made my mind. This is one workshop I wouldn’t want to miss at all.

What is it about?

The workshop will be a two-hour session at a delightful restaurant in Thane where artist Neha Agarwal teaches you how to use knives to create a beautiful impressionist painting. She has been working with knife paintings for about four years.

“I’ve had people ask me about what kind of knives we would be using, some of them though it involves kitchen knives,” says Neha. She then explains, “We will be using palette knives which are easily available at craft stores. They help in creating interesting textures in paintings.”

Participants, however, will not have to bother themselves about the knives as all they would need to make the painting, would be given to them at the venue. “We’ll use acrylic paints because they dry faster than oil paints so there would not be any risk of damaging the painting while people take them home,” says Neha.

Why should you attend the workshop?

Imagine putting up one of these beauties up on the wall and showing them off to your friends. Also, the satisfaction and pride at having created one of these beauties too is no less an incentive. And a shout out to the foodies, there’s select menu of food and beverages on offer here and the best part about it is that it’s on the house!

Do you need to be a Picasso to create such paintings?
No, you don’t. “This technique is very basic. You just need to be a little inclined towards arts and
colours,” says Neha.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sold. I might as well update this article later with a photograph of my knife painting up on the wall after the workshop. So seal the deal and I hope to see you guys on Sunday.

Date: July 23
Time: 12 PM to 2 PM
Venue: The Waterhouse Deli
Address:  Plot No. 253, Beside R Mall Ghodbunder Rd, Manorama Nagar, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400607
Phone number: 022 6565 6540

Author Credit: Ankita Sengupta

Picture Credit: Wee Events


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