Reload Your Art Supply Arsenal At this Art Store in Andheri!

The Four Bungalows area in Andheri is known to nestle some of the best and most reclusive artists in Mumbai. Paints and brushes for artists are like fodder for livestock and Art Station is a one-stop craft shop which houses everything that these artists need and a lot more.

Art Station boasts an impressive line-up of raw material encompassing big as well as small names in the world of art supplies. Paints, brushes, canvas paper, sculpture clay, DIY kits, shading pencils, you name it they have it.

The floor layout oozes efficiency and anyone with even a passing interest in art can go gaga over the wide variety of supplies. Then there’s the fact that pretty much every colour in the visible spectrum lines the rows of the “Paints & Brushes” section – Rainbow To Heaven, anyone?

Managed by brother-sister duo Ashwin and Swati Faria, the now expansive venture was once a stationary shop offering only basic art and craft supplies. Owing to their proximity to the unofficial art centre of Mumbai, they received many requests from artists to source various raw materials.

Once the general trend was identified, the universal laws of demand and supply kicked into action and Ashwin rose to the challenge of locating art supply vendors while Swati set about designing the all important website.

Entering The Art Station is like stepping into the Garden of Eden. The only difference is that instead of just one Forbidden Fruit, there are hundreds of sinful art supplies and The Great Flood is likely to be caused by your tears at the inability to buy everything in sight.

Off late, they have also begun guided workshops on weekends as well as DIY videos on their Youtube channel. If you’re planning the next Mona Lisa or simply decorating your house for a party then The Art Station is a must-go.


Address: Shop No 2, Ratnagar Soc.,Opp Kamdhenu J.P.Road, Four Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053
Contact: 022 2633 9794

Author Credit: Vivek Kavadia

Picture Credit: The Art Station

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