Royal Affair of Flavours Awaits You at Tanatan in Juhu!

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A royal and quirky restaurant, Tanatan has opened up in Juhu. No matter how much I appreciate its food and Interior, it's still difficult to describe the experience I had over there. From the moment I entered, their service, to the food, to the live music performance, everything made my lunch better than the best. If you have come across this place, do not miss it. 

From the food and drinks section, everything I had was up to the mark and had me with every expectation.

Here are some of my recommendations:

-Patron Gulla shots

Ever tried shots with rasgulla? Well, here's something you shouldn't miss here. The Patron Gulla shots are shots with rasgulla. So after you take shots normally, you take the rasgulla for the aftertaste.

-Paan ki shaan

I'm not usually a paan person, but this drink was so refreshing and I could totally get every ingredient of paan in it. When they told me it's a paan cocktail, I wondered how can someone get paan flavors inside a drink? But after having a sip into it, the smile on my face said everything on how good it really was.

-Mangal Pandey ki pasand with Kulcha

This was basically chole with Kulcha but the name justified the taste as it tasted amazing with the Kulcha. I loved the name of this dish as it's so quirky that just after looking at the name you will feel like ordering the dish. Usually, chole is served with bhature and tastes the best that way. But here when I had with Kulche, I realized I have been wrong all this time.

-Sunny Side up Appam with chicken sukha

Who would have thought that eggs could be served with Appam and their combination with chicken would have tasted so good? Non-vegetarians, you do not want to miss this dish. Sunnyside up, Appam and chicken are three different sides of food that I never should be paired together. And they not only look so good together but the taste is heavenly.

-Matka Rabdi gulab jamun

Well, nothing could have been a perfect end to this meal than this. This combination is always a winner. If you're royal or just ordinary, you know it too that the end of a perfect meal is a perfect dessert like this.

Kudos to their whole team for putting up such an amazing menu. The ambience of the place is so inviting that you will definitely wanna come here again and again.

Address- 462,A.B Nair road, Opposite Novotel, Juhu, Mumbai
Contact no-02230151663

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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