Runaway Bicycle’s Latest Collection is the Epitome of Style!

Attributes: Clothing, Tops/T-shirts, Frocks/Gowns, Indo-Western

Trends come and go, fashion changes every day and what is in today might be passed tomorrow. But in this ever changing world of fashion and lifestyle, there are some things which remain timeless no matter how much time elapses. And that is the charm of handwoven fabrics and easy, comfortable silhouettes that let you breathe.

Championing exactly this minimal aesthetic, is Runaway Bicycle, one among the burgeoning minimal, hand woven, sustainable brands in India. With light, playful clothes which sit well anywhere- at home, play or work, Runaway Bicycle creates dreamy clothes with whimsical names, which only add to the experience. 

Their latest collection - We All Are Up With Gum In Our Hair, is one such beautifully named collection, with clothes to match! It’s true, We all grew up with gum in our hair, bruises on our knees and smiles on our faces. And their latest collection is an ode to those times. Light khadi, free flowing dresses, casual tops and comfy pants that you can spend the entire day in make a return in this collection. 

The fabrics are handwoven using the lightest khadi and linens, making them a standing invitation to comfort. Fluid silhouettes and plenty of free room make it a versatile companion for busy days and for days that consist of nothing but play. With fun names such as Winding Down, Silent Walk, Suburban Side, Unread Book etc., these clothes are perfect to remember the beautiful days gone by and relive the comfort and magic.

If your style is casual yet classy, Runaway Bicycle’s newest collection is just for you! Step in to comfort, and wind down. 


Address:  X 37, M.R. Society, Off Relief Road, Opp Raheja Art College, Santacruz West, Mumbai

Contact: +91-9819555052





Author Credit: Apeksha Shetty

Picture Credit: Runaway Bicycle

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