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A place luxurious by its name, its interior and services, Masala library has raised standards with their new 17-course meal that just got black. Wait! By black, I'm mean Charcoaled!! Yes, their 17-course meal has some of the craziest combination of activated charcoal with food. Till now we might have seen charcoal ice creams everywhere. But this place took the challenge and came out with some amazing items made using edible activated charcoal. Do you guys wanna see how I found it? 

Here are some of the charcoal items on their menu and by edible, I not just mean they are edible, but they are so good, that you'll always want your food to have charcoal in it:

Starting with the snacks:

-CHARCOAL BHAJIYA- Well, who would have thought that the regular Kanda bhajiyas you usually have in monsoons, at home or roadside, can now be made from charcoal also? They not just added charcoal in it, they made sure, it looked stunning also. When you taste it you will get the taste of the regular bhajiyas with a hint of charcoal in it.
In main dishes:

MIZO STEW, BLACK RICE- I know the rice isn't made using charcoal but the black rice looked so pretty in the Mizo stew that I felt like giving up the regular rice. The mizo stew had the usual chicken in it with the small bits of black rice.

PEPPER LAMB, APPAM SHELL- The lamb served inside the Appam shell was a great idea and it was not just any other Appam shell, it was an activated charcoal Appam shell. First of all, Appam is what south Indian usually have with sambar or a part of their daily meals. Here Appam was made from activated charcoal, in a form of a shell which covered the peppered lamb in a beautiful way.

In desserts:


 I loved how they tried to experiment with charcoal so much. I have had charcoal ice creams at many places but this ashen kulfi is nothing like those ordinary charcoal ice creams. This charcoal kulfi is so soft and gives you the taste of it just when it melts into your mouth.

Floating Chocolate

For the first time ever, a restaurant has launched floating chocolate. Chocolate that is not served on a plate. A dark chocolate served at the end of this 17 course meal is a chocolate floating on nitrogen gas which is given between two magnets. The physics behind it- The two magnets of opposite poles are placed together so they do not join but they gap and the nitrogen gas helps them maintain the distance. Don’t trust me? Well, I have got proofs with me, check the pictures.

Apart from just their charcoal items, the entire 17 course meal was a pleasure to have. I wish they came out with more charcoal items as the world needs to see the beauty behind the black.

Address-Ground floor, first international financial centre,Bandra kurla complex, Mumbai
Contact no-8454900900

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