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So what if the summer days are gone? Ice creams need not be enjoyed in a carefree way only during summers. That’s what this new ice cream parlor at Bandra tells us, you don’t need a cone to enjoy your ice cream or any specific season.

Where’s my Cone? in Bandra has started new ways of eating your ice cream. With their new ways of eating ice creams, they even have new flavors to try which I found only here. Some of their unique ice cream flavors include: paan flavor, mint & dark chocolate flavor, strawberry pickwick, boondi ladoo and what not. With their next flavor, all they will do is surprise you.

Their signature style is ice cream cookie sandwich, where you can choose your ice cream flavor and your cookie type also. They have 6 types of cookies to choose from: chocolate chip, double chocolate, malted milk, snicker doodle and white chocolate almond. You can try your hands in making the combination of cookie ice cream sandwich the way you like. 

Apart from ice cream cookie sandwich, you can also have your ice cream in the form of milkshakes and thickshakes which obviously will not melt and you can carry it along wherever you want. And mind you, these shakes are very heavy and do not mistake them as light as one scoop of ice cream.

Now here are our best combination of ice cream cookie sandwich which we think you should definitely give a try:

Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream with White Cookie:

I have usually seen people go for the sizzling brownie with ice cream kind of dessert after their meals. While nowadays it's becomes too clichéd, I think its time to kill the extra work and work in a smarter way like these people did. Combine the brownie and ice cream and make a kickass ice cream out of it. While the ice cream could be sweet, I thought to choose a cookie base which is not sweeter than the ice cream and hence went for the classic cookie. Now the cookie which I choose is a classic cookie with one scoop of ice cream. It costs around Rs-120/-

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream with Double Chocolate Cookie:

Firstly I tried the chocolate ice cream with the classic cookie base, for the second round I wanted to try the opposite combination. I choose a combination of cookies and cream ice cream along with double chocolate cookie base. The double chocolate cookie is literally the best cookie I had, like literally. I didn’t know that the combination would taste tis good. The cookie and ice cream really complimented each other as contrasting flavors and made the combination taste really lip smacking good. The double chocolate cookie is a premium cookie on their menu and hence the combination costs around Rs-150/-
Snicker Doodle Salted Caramel Thickshake:

Well if you are done with the ice cream cookie sandwiches but still wish to try their unique ice creams, here is the other way in which you can. The snickerdoodle salted caramel thickshake is actually salted caramel flavor ice cream made in the form of a thick milkshake with an essence of cinnamon in it. Quite unique, isn’t it? While you thought salted caramel was just a popcorn, they proved you wrong here. Usually I don’t like cinnamon in anything but here after I drank the shake, I got to know that it had cinnamon in it and oh boy, it didn’t seem disappointing at all. The thickshake costs nearly- Rs-150/-

Now with these new and delicious flavors of ice creams, do you think you would go for the regular ice cream flavors? Beside , I feel cookie sandwiches is quite an interesting way to make an ice cream taste and look better. So, you better get going to Where's my Cone? on that note then!

Address- Shop 9, Corner view building, 33rd Road, Pali hill, bandra west
Contact no- 8291603137


Author Credit: Purnima Nath

Picture Credit: Purnima Nath / Where's my Cone?

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