Shed Off the Weekday Blues with the House's Open Mic Nights!

It's a Thursday evening, and you are feeling a terrible combination of hunger and boredom. Looking for something with more experience and excitement? My suggestion? Go to The House, Versova, get some food, and hang around for their Open Mic Night.
Say hello, to an evening of beautiful performances and talented acts at, The House. Where you can sing, play an instrument, share a short film, read a poem, tell a joke, or get creative. You can witness some of the secondary students take the stage and feature their talent, but that’s not all — YOU can take the stage too!
If you’ve ever had stage fright, now is the time to face it with comfort of having a friendly environment helping the first time performers feel at ease.  Support and hang out with your friends and local artists. Perform, or just be the audience. 
Well, whatever your reason may be, Open Mic Night is a perfect way to showcase your talents and become a star!
The House, offers a variety of delicious food having a menu that can meet any need (at a fair price too!) Combining the savory food with the refreshing drinks, on top of the surprisingly great show equates to an experience that you likely will not forget. 
So with food in your belly, and drinks on the way, you are ready for a live musical exploration! Compared to sitting at home bored on a Thursday night, going to The House, for Open Mic night is worth the extra effort!
Also you can find Open Mic Nights in just about every town, and a quick search on the internet in your area will uncover a list of them including the days of the weeks and times available.
Expense- (200INR-600INR) depending upon the Mic Night.
Address: 1, JP Road, Aram Nagar Part 1, Aram Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061
Contact: 022 3965 2955
Author Credit: Taha Shah

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