Sizzling Pizza Cones to Nibble at this Eatery in Mumbai!

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Ever thought of grabbing that 2-3 slices of pizza in your pocket and running away when you were getting late? And then dropped the idea, coz eh how would you?

Well, we have a great news for you! Coney Island took this problem too seriously and brought us an amazing solution where can grab small size pizzas also and run with them. Just kidding, a concept of food in a cone or to be precise Pizzas in a cone is so different and convenient that now I can take my mini pizza along anywhere I want with me.

Here are the must tries at Coney Island which are lip smacking good, trust me!

1)Sriracha Chicken Pizza Cone

Non-veg cone stuffed with chicken chunks, mozzarella cheese, green capsicums and sriracha sauce.

Price- Rs 180/-

2) Chilly Cheese Pizza cone

Spicy veg cone stuffed with jalapenos, bell peppers, green chillies, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. I would recommend it as the best veg cone.

Price- Rs 150/-

3) Meat Lover's Pizza Cone

This is my personal favorite and I would recommend this to every meat lover out there. Cone stuffed with chicken salami, chicken ham, chicken sausage, black olives, and mozzarella cheese. Can you resist there?

Price- Rs 180/-

4) Unicorn Shake

A smooth, milky strawberry shake that will take you back to the dreamland with its taste.

So, pizza fanatics, rush to this "dream come true for me!" place today itself and slurp on sizzling pizza cone of your choice!

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath



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