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Ice cream never tasted this good before because TiB has changed the ways we have been eating those traditional ice creams and now we can eat ice creams made out of fresh fruits, Chocolates and pastries!

Next time when you want to eat a strawberry ice cream, better come here and see the pieces of strawberries turn into ice cream rather than going to a place and eating flavored ice cream.

When you want to eat a Ferrero Rocher or Oreo ice cream, don't trust the local ice cream person serving you just the flavors, instead come to TiB and see these Chocolates turn into ice creams that you want to eat.

They have live ice cream where you can see your ice cream being made in front of you.

Some of the ice creams I tasted are:

Honestly I expected fruits just like strawberry or mango, but to my surprise they even made ice creams of guava, kiwi and pineapple. You'll hardly find anyone selling the regular fruit flavors, but here they have got you covered.

 Its best part is that you can literally feel the freshness of the fruits while eating. Like while eating strawberry ice cream I can get the those small seeds in each bite.

 -Milky Way (White Chocolate)
 I'm not much of a chocolate person but when I saw white chocolate ice cream, I definitely couldn't miss it because this is the first time I found a white chocolate ice cream and this is something I'm definitely coming back for.

*TiB mashups (pastry ranges)
 -Butter Crunch
 Didn't go for the Chocolate or red velvet pastry but instead for this one. According to me, you should just blindly pick any from their pastries. I hope they soon add more flavors to their pastries.

Now you know who has been honest with you all this time regarding ice creams, right? So, why not head to TiB right away, eh?

Address-Shop 2, Opposite Gwalior house, Behind 7 bungalow police station,JP road, Aram Nagar, Versova, Andheri West
Contact no- 022 33956251

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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