Spend a Luxurious Weekend at this River Side Cottage Resort!

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The road to heaven is paved with surprises. If you are looking for a weekend getaway to literally escape from the rigor of your daily routine, then Jalsrushti Island Resort Pune is your one stop solution to some peace of mind! This island resort stays true to its name with a jaw-dropping assortment of beautifully flowered cottages that are placed smack in the middle of a man-made lake. Spoiler alert, but the ride to the Jalsrushti premises itself is unexpectedly unique! As all the cottages are positioned in the midst of a water body, one must cross a stretch of blue-green waters in a makeshift raft, linked to the reception area by a twisted rope that is pulled by a guileless old man, who, we can only presume is one of the staff.

It would be an understatement to say that the premise looks so picturesque that for a split second you will catch yourself wondering if you’ve been accidentally transported into a watercolour painting! The leaves are lush green and moist, as if the morning due has just settled on them. This is probably the result of the excellent maintenance by the numerous in-house gardeners you would notice lurking around in the territory. And as you wait at the reception to finish up the formalities of the check in, tapping your foot impatiently all along because you absolutely cannot wait yourself to see what this derivation of Nirvana looks like from the inside, you are given a little welcome drink. The butter milk, which arrives with a dash of masala, is served in a little earthen cup and the anticipation continues to build.

Jalsrushti has just fourteen cottages altogether- eight wooden cottages with a river view, and six Cottages with pond view, creating a very intimate setting. The rooms are built with the charm of an age forgotten, allowing you to slip into the wooden facades of the eighties with its flip switches and low-lying interiors. Fret not! It does have the required modern amenities such as air conditioning and LCD TV just to blend in the perfect combination of isolation and comfort. The rooms extend into a balcony that stretches into either the river or the pond and you can lose track of time just sitting there and observing the non-human visitors lurking around in the area.

And if you think you’re a little too hyperactive for the serenity that Jalsrushti offers, guess what!? They even have an entire area dedicated to indoor games such as foosball, caroms and decks of cards that you can entice your friends into. There is also a cozy little bookshelf tucked away inside the game room. So avid readers, do not despair! And as for the foodies, here’s some great news! A night’s stay in Jalsrushti cover’s all your meals as well! Jalsrushtri is a getaway is not to missed, whether you’re looking for family-time, fun or a whirlwind romance!

Address: Jalsrushti Island Resort, at Post Jamgaon, Taluka-Mulshi, Pune, Maharashtra 411040

Website: http://www.jalsrushti.com/

Contact: +91-22-6150 6363

Author Credit: Varsha Rao

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