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Our world is characterized by its natural greenery, water source and a survivable ecosystem. Most of us live or migrate to big cities for our livelihood. But what is the thing which we commonly get to see in the big cities? Yes, concrete structures and a receding line of greenery succumbed to the many constructional developments that we think is important for our lifestyles. We miss the big picture here, destroying our own ecosystem will eventually lead to a stage where Earth will become a hot ball of dangerous gases with a volatile atmosphere. So, what can we be done to address the problems you say, thinking of the busy lives that we live and the hours we dedicate towards our work? Simple, bring home terrariums which are long lasting unlike flowers, which cost a bomb and usually do not last more than a few days.

Leah Umrigar, owner of The Green Bowl based in Mumbai, creates handcrafted terrariums and planters in all shapes and sizes. Terrariums are custom-made arrangements that bring nature right into your home and workplace. They help you add an element of green to the room and the best part about the terrariums is that they have known psychological properties which lift the mood and also help clean the air. Leah wishes to fill the lives of the people living in the urban areas with a little bit of greenery. She says terrariums are a stepping stone towards a greener future.

While most people spend a lot of money choosing expensive gifts, terrariums can act as a lovely gifting option for the novice to the advanced master gardener. The Green Bowl designs each piece as a living piece of landscape and it is sure to be a conversational piece in your home or office. They are compact; completely mess free where there is no spillage of water or mud from anywhere. Terrariums are also great for people like me who have always wanted to grow plants but owing to their ever busy lives, they cannot. Terrariums are sustainable and require almost no maintenance; just keep it inside a naturally lit area of your house, and forget it. Apart from choosing to give something back to our nature, you’ll also be taking home a great enviable piece for decoration.

To give you guys a little more insight, each piece at the Green Bowl Terrarium is unique as they make each one from scratch. From the glass vessel, to the design of the natural elements within, no two pieces are ever the same. Each terrarium is designed keeping the buyer in mind - not only do they want them to be beautiful but they also want them to remain beautiful in your care. Leah consults with each customer on the kind of light there is in the room where the terrarium will be kept and then she guides them on what kind of plants should they get. 

So what are you waiting for? Give Leah a call today to avail your own personalized bowl of green. You can also message her on her FB page or on her Instagram Profile for placing orders.

Price Range: INR 1500-5000
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Picture Courtesy: Leah Umrigar

Author Credit: Wrisha Mukherjee

Picture Credit: The Green Bowl

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